Well, WE are home!

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    The PO wasn't there- I guess word didn't make it to her. The GAL showed up confused. The judge asked difficult child if he had learned his lesson and told him to stay out of trouble and released him. The defense attny told the judge I was having problems financially because I couldn't maintain full time employment with all the appts and such so we would ask the court to reduce the appts with the PO or limit the time on probation. The judge said she couldn't do anything about that and kept all other terms of the last sentencing in place. So, difficult child is on the ankle bracelet and will be on probation until the PO sees fit to let him off. (Assuming he doesn't get into trouble again. HUH HUH)

    Now I need to see if I can get him into day camp for the next 2 weeks since this was unexpected (he wasn't due to get released until the 26th).
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    Awesome possum AND neato mosquito!

    Hope day camp comes thru and PO takes judges lead to back off a little.

    Hugs. I'm sure you're weary.
  3. Well, I guess it is good he is home. Sorry they didn't reduce things and I hope you are able to get him in the day camp.

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    Thanks Shari and Christy! He's taking a shower now and we are just going to relax and get a good night's sleep. I will take him to work with me for a while tomorrow. I was able to get him into day camp (thank goodness they had an opening on short notice).

    I will still have to pursue a solution to so many meetings with the PO. I don't have a problem with whatever restrictions she gives him (curfew, etc.)- it is just minimizing the time off work since we still have counseling seesions to attend weekly. psychiatrist- that isn't too bad- difficult child sees him once every 3 weeks right now but hopefully, that will decrease too.
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    Glad things went well. I'm glad you were able to get him into a day camp:)
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    Well, this is progress..........one day at a time.
    SO glad he is home, as I am sure you are. How is he feeling mentally? I bet he is enjoying a hot, safe shower and food.

    Seriously..........someday..........Maybe there will be grants for families like us that sacrifice everything to help our difficult children. I mean - how does the legal system or school system really expect single moms/dads/parents to survive when we have to juggle all that is dealt to us?

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    I am jealous your difficult child has a bracelet and mine doesn't!!!

    I wish they'd put one on him, so the stress of monitoring him would be off of me, although I do not know if he could work if he had a bracelet on.

    Sigh..... happy for your "good" news>?
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    So glad he's home and camp worked out. I hope things go well.

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    Is there any way the counseling could be schedueld for the evenings? I know that a lot of docs have evening hours a day or two a week for working folk.

    Glad you were able to get him in day camp so quickly!!! That's one thing off the list!

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    Thank you all! Steely, he is pretty well mentally- we were a little shocked yesterday- and exhausted (mentally) from the stress of worrying about why we were going to court again and what was the judge going to do this time. He's happy of course- many hugs and smiles!

    AOG- I don't know that this bracelet relieves me, but it does help in some ways. difficult child knows he can't go out by himself so I don't have to worry about that. He'll probably only have it on a few weeks. It's a PITA in some ways. If I'm running late with something, I'm always worried about getting him home by the time I told PO I would have him home. But, it is better than being detained. This might be a good option to suggest for your difficult child- yes, they can get permission to go to school, work, etc. (Mine will be going to day camp)

    Sharon- one of my "goals" is to try to get counseling later in the day, especially if I'm looking for a new counselor anyway. Right now we are seeing one that won't make an appointment past 4:00, which doesn't sound too bad except I have to leave work by 3:00 to pick up difficult child then drive over there. difficult child's individual counselor last year would make appts at 6:00, which was good, but he only did that about 6 mos., then changed his schedule. So, I'm still working on that.

    If we could get counseling later at least half the time and reduce meetings with PO (the attny said maybe we could get PO to meet difficult child at school sometimes instead of me having to take off work to bring him in), I think I can average 35 hours a week. (I still have to allow for IEP meetings, psychiatrist appts, some meetings with PO, etc.). I don't know that I can get my employer to give me full benefits with less than 40 hours per week, but I'll see if I can get medication insurance at least mostly paid for this way. Sometimes, I might be able to work 40 hours a week, but usually not because it would take supervision away from difficult child when school is in session and when I'm not comfortable that he is REAL stable, that just makes me nervous.

    Anyway, this school year should start better- we don't have a custody case to deal with on top of everything else! :)
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    I hope your therapist will schedule some of the appts in the evening or on a Saturday morning. I get frustrated - so many parents insurance depend on full time work - our difficult children & their very special needs eat away at full time hours & benefits. Many of us get demoted (or worse let go) because of all the time off we need.

    I'm keeping a good thought that PO & others start cooperating with your schedule. More, I'm hoping that difficult child starts making good choices & cooperating with his treatment plan.
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    So glad you're back home, relaxing. And so sorry about the crazy schedule. I like the idea of counseling later in the day. Ours works one night a wk, late, for pts who have schedule issues. It really helps.
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    I'm glad to hear he's home. Hope you can arrange appointments easier on your schedule - it can be so hard to balance everything.