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    You should come see me. There is an old cemetary out by where I grew up. It's down a gravel road that has trees growing up on either side of the road almost making it like a tunnel. The cemetery itself was started in, I believe, the late 1700's. It's set up kind of neat...there's a section...then a stand of trees, another section, more trees, etc. It's actually the "spooky" graveyard with it's own legend. People call it 13 Graves because there are a series of long, thin stones in the ground that when you walk one way you count 13. But walk the opposite direction and you only count 12. I was talking to someone last night who is a chapter president of an area ghost hunter group. They have gone out there and he said these stones aren't markers. Since the graveyard was established so long ago, they think those stones were used as wheel stops for the wagons so they wouldn't move as the coffin was unloaded.

    If you want, remind me next spring and I'll go out there and get some pictures.
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    Abbey, you keep right on posting them. I'm loving it. But any way to slow that down or just see the individual pics?? I want to see detail and it's going too fast.

    That one with the bench was awesome. :D
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    I can't figure out how to slow it down, darn it. But, here is a link to the individual photos.


    This could have been really cool. There are these bronze stars that are posted on many graves from WWI, WWII, and Cival War. They stick up out of the ground like a flag posted there. If I would have been a bit earlier I would have gotten the shadow from the star on the grave. The black line is just the post from the star.


    There is also one of a mom and dad with 13 little stones surrounding it of their children. I couldn't figure out a way to show the entire thing, but it was just kind of erie to think of an entire family in a 10 X 10 plot.

    Finally, I would find MANY gravestones with this symbol. Haven't had the time to do research on it, but I believe it is some sort of symbol from WW!.


    (full photo) http://s297.photobucket.com/albums/mm203/Abbey888/?action=view&current=cemetery033.jpg

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    Hey Abbey! I love old cemeteries too! We actually have a group here on the island "Friends of Forgotten Cemeteries" that fixes them up and finds funding to keep them preserved.

    Here's a great site for you - read them all, but there are stories of things that have happened to people looking for/at old cemeteries.


    Have fun!

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    Thanks Abbey! :D I soooo enjoyed it at my own pace. I hope you can figure out a way to snap a photo of that whole family plot......that has to be a site to see.

    That headstone for the baby touches my heart the most. Looks to carefully and lovingly done..........Doesn't need a name, you can empathize with how the family felt.

    Stang, I was going to guess that the finger pointed upward meant that. I think that link you posted was mighty interesting. Made me sad though to see that marker where the 25 yr old Mom passed away with her triplets.

    NVTs I'll have to take time on your link a bit later. Looks cool. We have more than a few out of the way cemetaries around here........I'd not go alone.....some of them look quite public but are actually on private property......and some oh, yeah, can so see the pot thing going on. lol
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    by the way husband leaned over to see what I'm doing..............he's now decided I'm alot weirder than he once believed. :rofl:
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    haha... I'm glad to find that there is a word for this disorder.

    I'll check out the other links when I wake from my much needed nap. I screwed up and got up an hour early (like 2am isn't early enough) for work. What's the point in going back to sleep? Argh.

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    I own a cemetery. No joke. It's listed in the historic registry of restored cemeteries that nvts was talking about. ;)

    There's a really neat story that goes with it.
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    So Star........are you gonna leave us hanging or tell us the story?? :)
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    Yeah....hellooooooooooo! You can't just leave it at that! Spill!!!
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    Okay here it is.

    Years ago my Fathers people settled some land in Ohio. They took a portion of the land and built a grave yard up on a hill. There are gravestones so old in this cemetery that you cant even do rubbings and get any type of wording. I actually met a third cousin twice removed who is writing a book on our family heritage through Rootsweb. I had been doing the family history on our side she on hers (quite more dramatically and extensively I should ad - giving her credit and adding that she is the one that has linked my Father's heritage back to Alexander the Great - no joke - wild huh?) Anyway....the story and things I was able to share with HER....about the cemetery...

    The story goes that the land all belonged to my Fathers Great Great Uncle (whatever his name is I forget now)who was a very well to do man, but a betting man, and lost so many parcels of land gambling that the man he bet against felt sorry for him and left him the family cemetery and one plot of land for a meager homestead. If you live in Ohio - you may know this town now as Dalton. West of Massillon and East of Orville. It used to belong entirely to one man in my Father's family. Since then? We've had some oddities about the cemetery - like the tree that sits at the bottom of the hill won a National award one year for beauty. And one crazy cousin dug his own grave before he died (was in the newspaper in the 50's), You have to be a blood relative to be buried there, and the last trustee was my Father who willed the responsibility to me - (Oh lucky me) but since I am an absent trustee and all members of my family are owners technically speaking - anyone married into or blood relative can be buried there free of charge. (plot wise) digging is another story - but now I'm told the county and the historical society keeps it up.

    When I was a young girl we went almost every week to Schislers Cheese house, got some swiss cheese and crackers, had a picnic there, cleaned and mowed and pulled weeds. Tried to keep down wind from the hog farm below us (p.u.) and I'm not sure when anyone was buried their last - but my Father's ashes (portion) were scattered there not too long ago so he could be with his Mom and Dad.

    That's the big story about my cemetery. :D Will I be buried there? I'm supposed to be donated to the body farm in TN but if not there or a cadaver? Then I suppose there at my cemetery in the peaceful meadow.

    Maybe Abbers will come take a picture of MY tombstone - I'll have a finger pointin' up for everyone too - lol. Maybe by then tombstones will have a push to talk feature DVD or something cool so you don't have to wonder whos in the box.
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    Star, I don't think I found a definition for THAT finger on the gravestone website I found.
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    hahahahaha... I could type my reply, but it certainly would be edited by the board gods.

    Pretty cool story. That is the way many of the SMALL graveyards are up here. They're quite mixed up. You have people from the 1700's mixed with people of this year...not that is a bad thing. Stones toppled over, some gleaming bright, some sunken into the ground. It's just a weird experience. Many of them have lost their inscriptions.

    I'm waiting for the first real snow fall to try and capture that.

    Geez. I need a new hobby.

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    Cool story Star. When Nichole's friend lost her baby.....he was buried in a small family cemetary like that. Waaaaay out in the boon docks....and up in the hills. Was an adventure getting to it and it was so dirt roads for about the last 10 miles or so. Only their family members are buried there.

    I soooooo wanted to wander around that cemetary. But I didn't think that would be very polite. So I didn't.

    I like to look at the tombstones and imagine what their lives were like, them loving, struggling, the laughter and the joy........overcoming life's obsticles. But then I've always had quite an imagination. And an odd one to boot. lol

    Abbey, there is nothing wrong with your hobby. If those people didn't want to be remembered......there would be no tombstones. You're helping keep their memories alive. :)

    Me, when I go.......body is donated to science once they remove any organs that can be used by someone else. Otherwise....it's creamation for me. I'm a cheapskate even in death. lol
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    Daisy - what POT thing? Are you having cannibis planted at your grave?
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    That should be interesting. I'll have to live long enough to see that...and take photos. hehe...