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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Skylark Matrix, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Hello All ! Thanks for the replies to my first post - all of you really do understand !!!! I don't even know why I mentioned the duplex/living arrangments problem because as you all know that is not the main issue, just a sideline of many. this will be a great place to come and talk things through. I do have a hard time letting go, partly the "Mommy instinct" and partly because I know who's fault it is going to be when things don't turn out the way what ever the latest stupid idea happens to be. 2 Months until she starts college, and then who knows what. I have to just realize that while she is here she is not getting into real serious trouble, that will come later.
    Where can I find the abbreviation code? what does difficult child stand for?
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    We do tend to have our own little language around here! lol If you go to the FAQ page, there is a post that explains all of the abbreviations. difficult child = Gift From God.....these would be our challenging children that brought us here.
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    I'm glad you like us.

    You'll find that most issues that come up with your difficult child most of us have been there done that (been there done that)

    We don't always have the right answers, and sometimes we'll tell you things you don't want to hear, but we are always here for each other.

    Welcome and glad you found us.
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    This is the link to take you to where you can find out our acronyms. There's tons of other info in the FAQ forum and it's certainly worth a look!

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    I'm brand new around here! After reading some of the posts, I'm looking forward to coresponding with y'all!
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    keep in mind that college will look after her somewhat as well. they have resident advisors and I am sure other students will be aware of her actions.