What a week........


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Thank goodness last week is overrrrrrrrrrr.

Last monday difficult child 2 had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. He was given anesthesia. girlfriend and I picked him up at the oral surgeon's office. It was really sad to see him in that condition. He and girlfriend stayed the night and then difficult child came and stayed at our place all week during the day.

Last tuesday, difficult child 1 had wisdom teeth and additional molars pulled due to poor dental hygiene. Novacaine was used on him. Of course there was an extra chair in the treatment room and difficult child 1 asked me to be there :doctor: That's difficult child 1 though.

On wednesday I had my mammogram and Thursday was "well-woman" checkup.

Let's not forget also that we had Cayden (2 1/2 yr old grandson) last week too, as this was difficult child 1's 2nd week of a two week summer scheduled overnight visitation.

It was quite a sight to see both difficult child's in our new fangled ice packs on their faces, in the recliners watching TV with a 2yr old running around :smile:

Here's a cool icepack that one of the CNA's I work with told me about. You take a baby diaper and cut it open on one end and fill it will ice. It stays cold and as the ice melts it gets absorbed in the diaper. We placed the diaper on their chins and the ice pack covered their entire jaw. Of course we held it in place with an ace wrap over their heads and under their chin. It worked though, neither of them had any swelling.


when i had my hysterectomy, I was on the baby floor. I had severe back pain and that is what they did for an ice pak. Never heard of it since.

Glad things are settling down for you. enjoy your grandson.


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OMG! You must need one of those icebags for your head by now, after having a house full of difficult child's again. :smile: Glad they are all on the mend.



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Oh Sunny... :rofl:

I had to laugh...the mental picture of them with diapers wrapped around their jaws. :rofl: Sorry.... :frown: :smile:

Glad it's over...bet you are too.. :smile: