What being a difficult child parent prepares you for....

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dashcat, Dec 22, 2011.

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    When you're looking for a silver lining and all, at least you can say that being a parent of a difficult child makes you bulletproof when it comes to difficult children who are not your children...

    I had a Facebook conversation today with K, who had been an exchange student in our home when difficult child was a freshman in HS. K behaved very well with us, but she's always been very manipulative and I have recognized difficult child tendencies in her as the years have passed.

    Today she IMs me: Dash, I really need to get out of Germany for awhile. I've been depressed and I really need a change of scenery (she's tried this before). Are there any schools near (names my small, rural community) I can teach German for awhile and stay with you? Me: You are always welcome to visit. This isn't exactly a hotbed of culture and diversity. Have you looked into any grants?

    K: (you can almost here a cyber sigh): No. I was hoping you knew somebody. (Oh, yes, I know tons of people in academia just dying to hire a girl fresh out of Uni with a temporary visa). Me: Try googling. K: I must talk to my parents. They are in favor of me doing this, but don't have the money to support me.

    Me: I sure do understand that. That's why (insert difficult child's name) had to pay rent when she lived here.

    K: Gotta go!

    LOL! Seriously. I have to double check my profile photo to be sure someone didn't photoshop a STUPID stamp on my forehead.

  2. AnnieO

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    Wow... Not even remotely tactful!

    I can imagine, though... Really, I can...
  3. Elsieshaye

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    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Niiiiice! Well played, Dash!
  4. buddy

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    that's pretty good! I love how you handled it, very clear but not directly insulting or anything...hmmm, I like it a lot.
  5. Hound dog

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    Sounds similar to a 60 something internet friend who wanted to return to the states (as in leaving her much younger husband she married and moved to his home country of Germany) and move in with me...... I reminded her she had grown children. Yes, but they won't want me living with them. Have you asked? Well no we don't get along. Um sorry about your problem then, as in There is no room Here. omg This went on for some weeks until she eventually figured out I wasn't falling for her line. Nice lady, but major difficult child to the nth degree. Let's just say there is a reason her kids don't talk to her. She only occasionally tells me hi now days. lol
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    Good job! I can almost imagine how this transpired in her home with her parents before and afterwards. LOL!
  7. DammitJanet

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    oh i am the biggest internet difficult child magnet on the net. they seem to find me no matter what. i could tell you some doozies
  8. dashcat

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    Well, even though I often don't do a stellar job in dealing with my actual difficult child daughter, the training has helped in other areas!
    And, Janet...like you, I'm a bit of a difficult child magnet. Working on that.....
  9. Nancy

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    Hahahaha. Oh Poly you are anything but stupid.

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    You handled that well. I screen husband's internet contacts. NOT because I suspect him of cheating in any way, but because all the scammers know how gullible he is. It was not ever my idea to do this, but years ago he ended up with 2 people who crossed all kinds of lines within a very short period of time after he posted on some metaphysical web forum. they were sick and strange and he couldn't get them to go away, so he begged me to get rid of them. He doesn't ever want to be rude or hurt someone's feelings. I have a LOT less problems with it, esp when they proposition my husband, Know what I mean??

    Why would this girl think you would support her and find a job for her? I wonder what kind of trouble she was in with her parents? I am sure there is some pressure on her at home to do something she doesn't want to do. I guess she thought it was worth at try. You handled it beautifully.