What canit cover?


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We are relatively new to this site. My difficult child was officially diagnosed with ADHD/ODD anxiety and sensory issues on Friday. No surprise since I have been a special needs teacher, consultant and advocate for 13 years.
He is 3 years old. I found a great team of people to work with us. One place is called the Cyzner Institute. When you go privately, rather than the school district, will insurance pay for anything like Occupational Therapist (OT)? behavior classes? anything?


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sorry just now seeing this. The best advice I can give you is to call your health insurance carrier and ask about your benefits. Also you should have a benefits booklet that will describe your benefits as well. I will tell you that most likely medical health insurance will not cover much on your child's diagnosis. It is considered mental/nervous for one thing, and developmental in nature secondly. Things such as speech,occupational or physical therapy is usually covered only for short term illness or injury not for something that would be considered a long term chronic condition. The same with behavior classes, as these would be considered as developmental in nature and your medical coverage again is for what would be considered a medical diagnosis. The best thing for your child is going to be your experience as an advocate and consultant. I think that you are probably already aware that federal regs mandate taht school systems offer services to those at risk at age three. That will probably be the best route, although it doesn't hurt to try thru your medical coverage. Also check to see what your mental nervous benefits are... they may be able to provide some coverage for this. BLUE