What does someone on meth act like?

My friend who is also my son's girlfriend's mom, told me that his girlfriend thinks he is using meth because his teeth are yellow (he smokes sometimes) and are messed up. I don't know what that is supposed to mean. I just saw him today and didn't really notice his teeth. They apparently broke up over it. He smokes marijuana and I think he does something else. In the past, he has done all kinds of stuff. I am very concerned about this.


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I don't want you to feel nobody is paying attention to your post so I'll try to answer, but since all people react to drugs differently it's hard to answer. Plus, your son may be dabbling with more than just meth, which is very dangerous. My daughter did take it. Her behavior was very erratic, angry, and defiant. She lost a lot of weight. Her skin is still bad due to the meth.

I would just assume your son's girlfriend knows what your son is using more than you do.

Having said that, there is nothing you an do. I almost am glad I didn't know what my daughter was into when she was using drugs because all I would have done is worried myself sick and I could not have stopped her. Sometimes knowing too much is unhelpful to us and doesn't help them one bit.


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When my daughter was an addict, her skin was grey. She had dark circles under her eyes, she lost weight, she would come home and sleep for two - three days only getting up to eat a TON of food. She would then shower, go out and do it all over again. We also noticed she stopped caring what she looked like and started looking unclean and messy. I could look at her phone records and see that she was on the phone 24/7. She also would flip out and rage when she got mad.

That about sums it up. We went through heck with her...

Yellow teeth could be from smoking or coffee.

Oh and my daughter was a meth addict for at least 3 years that I know about and her teeth are still perfect. You would never know looking at her today that she used to be a meth head.


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When my son was/is using pills (opiates, as far as I know), drinking and smoking marijuana, he was very thin, had a lot of quick, jerky movements, talked fast, always smoking a cigarette, his eyes shifted back and forth quickly, and he was always "conning." Those are outward behaviors that I could immediately see.

I have no idea what other drugs he has done, and I have learned that it really doesn't matter. There is nothing I can do to get him to stop them---any of them---anyway. He will only stop when he decides to stop.

ChristianMom, I would work hard to let go of whatever he is doing. Alcohol can be just as devastating as pot as meth as pills as whatever. It all wrecks lives.

What the name of it is, really doesn't matter.

Warm hugs to you today. I hope you have a good Monday and move into a peaceful week. If you aren't going to Al-Anon that is my strong suggestion.
Thank you all. My husband and I have learned about enabling and detaching. We had to make him leave our home a few months ago. We do nothing for him other than have taken him out to eat a few times (some when out of town family we here) and some groceries, but not much. The reason I asked this question, is I know how bad meth is, and I wondered about trying to help him. In the past, I have realized he needs to want to help himself but this is a way more addictive drug. (I also heard from someone else that this rumor may true). This morning, I also read this. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you. http://www.healingseaturtle.com/addicts-and-manipulation/
I don't see him often, so when I do, I try to be positive and not figure out what he's doing and "scold him". He weighed himself when he came for a visit when the out of town family was here and told me how much he lost - I hadn't really noticed it. But I haven't really noticed anything else much. In fact, his behavior is getting better because he got a phone and actually texts me sometimes and is talking about trying to pay two different bills he has, which is big fo him to even talk about doing that.