What is Job Corp?


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Anyone know? difficult child called me last night and asked me if I would be OK if she did this. I thought she meant after high school. But, she means now.

Not sure what her agenda is. Could be just trying to tell me she does not like it at dad's house.


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It's a federally funded education/work program. My brother was a high school drop out and after floundering for a while signed on with Job Corps. He lived in Colorado but wound up living in Montana working on national forest projects (the work varies). He did really well with the program and earned his GED in the process. Unfortunately he met a girl, got married, and they both had to leave the program as this is against regulations. (Note: imagine my dad's surprise when he got a call from my brother asking him to come pick him and his wife). The marriage didn't last but a year.

My brother did very well with the program as it gave him the structure that he couldn't give himself and didn't get while growing up in our family. It was a strict environment but he responded well to it. Also, very important to know is that it shouldn't be considered a mental health type treatment facility. I don't know what their boundaries are in terms of mental health and treatment but this isn't a good option for those who are thinking their kid needs a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) type facility.


What I know comes from my brother's experience 20 years ago so it's likely some things have changed. I still think it fills a good niche for the right individual.


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I am not thinking of it at all! LOL! difficult child is though. She saw a commercial. She is so like my sister. She would have made this call at 16, too.

She just does not do well with the parental figures in her life. Neither of us are bad parents, just not what she needs/wants I guess. She is a good kid. We have even become more lenient with rules (age appriopriate of course).

I think she feels this is a way to get away from us. Some kids probably do better without the parental figure being the ones to teach them...life.
She does OK with most other adults. Some teachers she has moments of insubordinate behavior with. Usually it comes and goes depending on what they are teaching.

I do not think she qualifies: she is still in school and we are not considered poor, she does not have a baby.


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This can be an excellent program if she can find a way in.

My psychiatrist had a client several years ago who was a huge difficult child and the boy went to Job Corps as an alternative to going to jail. Smart move on his part. He earned his High School Diploma -not his GED-, got training as a welder, now has a really good job, a nice family, owns his house and keeps in touch with this psychiatrist. I think he is maybe late 20s.

It really turned him around.