What starts nosebleeds out of the blue?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Sheila, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Sheila

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    difficult child had a really, really bad nosebleed tonight. Blood just started pouring out of his nose.

    I've never seen that happen with-him before. He said he had a nosebleed like this in gym once, but other than that, this is atypical for him.

    He's 15 and never had nosebleeds as a young child. What starts nosebleeds just out of the blue??
  2. Suz

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  3. Hound dog

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    Could be allergies.

    Nichole's are allergy related........and they can be mild or severe. The severe ones are why we found out they were due to allergy.....If he's having major nose bleeds you need to get him checked out.

  4. Lothlorien

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    husband got them a lot when his blood pressure got high. He's on medications now, so they don't happen as frequently. Allergies also have a big play in them too.
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Thanks for posting this. difficult child 1 goes through periods of excessive nose bleeds. Sometimes several per day. He was ready to have his nose cauterized, but the pediatrician felt it wasn't necessary, so we followed his instructions for healing that are similar to what's on these links, and it seems to be working.
  6. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    You are in Texas?
    Are things starting to bloom like here in AZ?
    N just got one the other day, because of bad allergens in the air.
    We are having high allergens in the air for some reason right now.
    Is he hydrated? N has not been drinking enough either, so this contributed to it also.
    She gets them a lot any way, but she had not gotten one in quite awhile.
    We have the high allergens , dry air, and her being dehydrated... = bloody nose.
    At least for us. Even K got one a couple of weeks ago.

    Hope you figure it out.
  7. DDD

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    My easy child/difficult child says it is probably Triple C's. :( We've been there and done that at 14. Kids can purchase those (or similar otc cold medications) and get zonked. Twice we went to the hospital for nosebleeds. Neither time did the staff suggest to me that it was antihistimines (sp). Once he moved on to pot etc. he told me. I hope there is a healthier explanation. DDD
  8. rejectedmom

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    DDD, I thought of drugs first thing also.. My difficult child had nosebleeds all of a sudden when he never had as a child. He was acting out alot at the time and I thought it was possibly from cocaine but couldn't figure out how he got the money for something like that. I then learned about the antihistamines. We always had them in the house as three of the family members under the roof at that time have sever allergies. I then put them under lock and key and everyone had to ask for them. This way I knew how much and wh owas taking them. I also hope it is not drugs but with a difficult child it is not out of the rehlm of possibilities. -RM
  9. KTMom91

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    Miss KT has had torrential nosebleeds off and on her whole life. I've noticed that they happen when she isn't eating right; either she isn't eating much of anything, or she's just eating junk. When she eats a relatively balanced diet, and takes vitamins, it doesn't happen. I tell her she's malnourished and she needs to start eating right, and miraculously, no more nosebleeds...till the next time she decides to live on Otter Pops and microwave popcorn.
  10. Marguerite

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    The tissues in the nose can take a while to heal, which means once there's been one nosebleed, the chances of another happening within the next week or two are vastly higher. So nosebleeds will likely come in clusters.

    What triggered the first nosebleed? Any one of a number of causes, including maybe just scratching at the nasal lining, or idly nosepicking (people do it, they just don't admit to it). You know the feeling - your nose feels a bit congested, you can h ear the air whistling in your nostrils, you know there's something there that won't come out with nose blowing, so you judiciously help it along discreetly. But kids are clumsy, they're more likely to do damage in the attempt. And knowing they shouldn't pick their nose, they will of coure insist they didn't.

    Or maybe it was a sneeze, or maybe allergy/inflammation of the nasal lining. Or something more serious - you don't know. But I wouldn't worry too much at this stage unless it keeps on happening, and even after several weeks' break you get more clusters of nosebleeds.

    Warm weather can be a major factor, or anything else that makes the blood vessels in the nose dilate and the outer walls to be a bit softer and more relaxed than usual. If rthere has been a recent nosebleed, the healing may be incomplete and break down too readily, with minimal provocation.

    Just apply the usual first aid, teach him what to do and maybe help by applying ice as well, to help the blood vessels contract.

    It's a nuisance when it keeps on happening.

  11. Wiped Out

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    difficult child goes through periods of gushing nose bleeds. It's true once they start they keep going for a long time because of the healing time. For my difficult child, going into a swimming pool if he has been having nosebleeds, will start one for sure.
  12. Sheila

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    The first time, he said he was in gym.

    DDD -- Triple C -- don't even want to know what that is.... ACK! doesn't sound good.

    Thanks for everyone's input. I'm thinking it was a sudden rise in blood pressure. I grounded him for lying to me -- from everything. Including the one thing he will "die" from if he can't carry it with him everywhere except the shower. But, it's close by....

    Yea, it's the cell phone. Somehow in 3-4 weeks it's become an "attachment" like a foot, arm, leg -- but more important of course.

    It's a marvelous behavior control technique for mom though. roflol

    (Just tween us, I only grounded him for 2 days. It happened to fall on the weekend and 2 days was all I could stand. Next time, I'll make it a point for him to be grounded on school days -- sheesh! The world really doesn't come to an end when one doesn't have access to a cell phone.)