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OK, basically this forum is to help you maneuver through the various "systems of care" which I've described below.

Obviously, things vary from state to state to some degree so keep that in mind when asking me questions (other than school issues although State does over-ride Federal regs). I will try to research answers whenever possible as all states have a state page (DSHS included and MH is usually tied up somewhere in there). It may take some going back and forth with me asking questions and you answering them in order for me to get a clearer picture.

Above all, try to be patient as I am currently working with about 6 families right now and volunteering my time with 3 others on a regular basis with some odd ball cases thrown in, so some weeks my schedule gets pretty tight.

School Issues

IEP's - How to request an evaluation, what if they aren't in compliance, the IEP process, etc.
Section 504 - What is it, what can you ask for, etc.
Behavior contracts/Crisis Plans - Why have these, what is the purpose, are they beneficial, etc.

Mental Health

Where to get services
What is under the mental health "umbrella"
Managed care vs. Non
Finding help
Free medications
Crisis care

Juvenile Justice

ARY (At Risk Youth) Petitions
CHINS (Children in Need of Services) Petitions
The Family Court Process
Filing a contempt order
What is included in the court order
Are these beneficial

Department of Disabilities

What qualifies a child
What services you are entitled to

SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

How do you file
What qualifies a child
How do you appeal a decision


[*]Me - Parent Advocate

[*]12 yo difficult child son Enuresis, Encopresis, Language Learning Disability (LD), Math Learning Disability (LD), Articulation Disorder, Hypothyroidism, mild MR, CP, ADHD, CD, PTSD, Bipolar not otherwise specified with psychotic features, Anxiety Disorder not otherwise specified, Fine and Gross motor delays-in residential.

[*]9 yo easy child son Learning Disability (LD), ADD.


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