What would you do about this?


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My hubby and I were looking at our few wedding pictures today with Jumper. We married in a park so it wasnt formal. But the few pictures were beautiful.

One REALLY nice picture is one of my family of origin members who showed up (mother didnt but my dad did and he looks great....so young!)

I am on the end of the photo and me, my sister, brother and dad all have our arms around one another. What a joke.

Since it is such a nice picture, especially of my dad, I dont really want to toss it out but I am realistically never going to be able to look at a picture with Sis and Bro in it, especially back in the day when we could put our arms around one another. I am thinking of sending the photo, a 5X7, to my brother. Im on the end of the train.. He could have the picture redone in a store and cut me out of it lol. But it would still be a nice photo of my sis, bro and dad....my dad being the important one.

If he decides he doesnt want it he can toss it, but.....my dad. And the three of them look cute. Twenty three years ago.

So the question is, pretend it is you and your siblings dont care about you now. What would you do? It could end up a joke between bro and sis, but I seriously dont care.

I have no pictures of any family except my grandma and Dad ( and tons of family of choice, dogs, and sisinlaw nnd brother in law). No FOO.

If I didnt think it was such a nice picture of my father I would not even deal with it.....trash. My father is precious to me....he had no favorite child and loved me. Hard to throw him out, you know?

So thoughts? Send it or just throw it out, like I have of all my other pictures of them?

One last question. If I, say, took the photo to Walmart or Walgreens could they somehow take everyone out of the picture exerpt for my dad and zoom it in so it only shows him? Like a seperate picture of only him? If so, I will do that instead. My house is decorated with so many family pictures....but only of those who make me and my hubby smile.

No, this is not an emergency. I know that.

Thanks for any opinions. If there are any. I appreciate anything in advance :)
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Ok so I did it and took my picture too (I look good in it) and it worked. So i can get 5X7s made or an 8X10 of my dad and hang it up! Thank you.

I am just going to throw out the original picture.


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I might keep the original picture just in case something happens to the one you have remade. That way you have the original of your dad. Would it be possible to cut out your brother and sister?