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    I am so out of answers for my GFGSD, who is living with her BM. She is suppose to be going to a challenge academy in July, but just getting her there is going to be a miracle.

    Yesterday my husband called, he had received a call from GFGSD – she was suspended for 10 days. She is in an alternate HS and all suspensions are for 10 days. Anyway – here is her ‘story’.

    A ’friend’ she met the last time she was in psychiatric hospital came to visit her Saturday – but her BM and SD don’t know cause she came in through the GFGSD bedroom window – as GFGSD wasn’t suppose to have company. This ‘friend’ stayed for 10 minutes...long enough to drop off some letter for a boy GFGSD likes. The letter wasn’t written by ‘friend’ it was written by ‘stalker friend’ (who is a former girlfriend who was also in psychiatric hospital – supposedly) who is blamed for everything that GFGSD gets caught doing. So GFGSD gives letter to crush at school and teacher takes it.

    Apparently there was a very threatening note in there from the supposed ‘stalker friend’ against this guy if he didn’t take GFGSD out etc. Oh – and in February – apparently ‘stalker friend’ broke into GFGSD house and stole some things including a picture that ‘surprisingly’ showed up in the letter.

    GFGSD expects everyone to believe this...:rolleyes:

    She seems to be getting more delusional lately – she has to know this is just unbelievable and if she doesn’t – then that’s really scary.

    I haven’t talked to her because I don’t believe her – any more than I believed that ‘stalker friend’ hacked her myspace and facebook accounts and wrote all these inappropriate things. This happens about once a month or so – yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do I handle this? I really don’t want to talk to her at all and I know I will get a phone call soon (I raised her for 10 years). I hate to keep saying I don’t believe – but I don’t. It amazes me that she thinks anyone will.

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    Sometimes even when it is painful we have to tell them the truth. Start with some concern. Then tell her how ridiculous her stories are and that adults know the truth because we are smarter than kids. Tell her if she continues to bring this chaos into her life, you will be playing a smaller role in it. Ask her is she feels she needs help. Tell her you will do whatever you can to help her, but you no longer believe her stories.