What you can do to help


Former desparate mom
Just in case anyone missed the opportunity, I have many cd.com coffee mugs and travel mugs still available. I would like to be able to close up the P.O. box after Dec. since it costs more than selling mugs is worth. If you are able or if you pushed to have these mugs available or if you have been a long term member this is a chance to do something to support the site. Order a mug or two. I'd hate to see them for sale on e bay or a flea market. It's been a bit disappointing. I, of course, am very grateful to those of you who stepped up and have bought them or e mailed to explain the circumstances but there are many that could order them. If there is any possibility that you want one or could order one, please do. I really want to be done with this little chore and have those cases out of my garage.