Whatever you do Don't tell your....

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    Daughter you like their boyfriend. They will immediately break-up with them!! LOL. This is two in a row that easy child-18 had been seeing, movies, etc. and within a day or so she breaks up with them. But technically that could work reverse psychology also...if he is a total jerk, tell her you really like him !?!? Maybe she will dump him!
  2. mstang67chic

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    Not sure if the reverse psychology would work or backfire! I'd almost be scared to try it though! LOL

    I was told that when I started dating husband, my mom and a cousin were discussing him within hearing of an aunt. They were commenting on how it was too bad husband was a nice guy. The aunt was confused until they explained that I always dumped the good ones. (I didn't, I swear! It just seemed to work out that way) But....he was a keeper and I wasn't going to let him get away! LOL That was almost 16 years ago and we've been married for 14.
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    Backfired here! LOL!
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    My Mom doesn't like a good friend of mine (she seems to think there's something more than friendship there, LOL) or one of my exes. Well, the ex, Dad didn't like either. But that backfired on them and I stayed with him till he dumped me.

    However, they DO like husband, and told me that. And I kept him. So...
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    I'm so hoping that it doesn't backfire here. I really, really like the guy Jana is dating. I did say something the other day about him being too nice, and she looked at me like an alien. Hopefully, this is a keeper....
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    Me........I've learned to not say anything either way. lol
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    Daisy, I think I'll take your advice!