When they skip a class

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    and its a good thing.

    difficult child 1 started going half days to the public high school from her Residential Treatment Center (RTC) this year. She is a senior. She had been having some problems with a certain girl in one of her classes. She had discussed with staff and with the vp/ counselor at school. All good choices. :bravo:

    The school talked to this other girl yet the threats etc did not stop. So difficult child 1 not knowing what else to do skipped that class and went to a structured study hall. :whew:

    Then she went after that to talk to the vp again. The other girl was removed from her class and now difficult child 1 feels safe again.

    When I was originally told something happened at school with difficult child I cringed hardcore. Then I was told she skipped a class and I thought wow typical teen type behavior (I know shame on me for being excited about a major no no). Then I found out the whys and thought wow she actually used semi reasonable judgement.

    Since she had tried the proper way to start with to handle this and it still didn't resolve they are not giving her a consequence. She was told however any future skipping and she will be held accountable.

    Just thought I would share.

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    I think she did great!

    If this happens again, what option(s) was she given to handle the situation in lieu of going to study hall?
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    Well it shouldn't have to happen again as the "reason" was the girl that was tormenting/threatening her. She doesn't have that class anymore. So hopefully things will go smoothly (I know I should only dream) for a while. It is a long haul with this one and the fact she used rational thought and didn't put herself in a worse situation was HUGE. If she has future problems she is still to go to the VP.
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    I was unclear with-my question -- sorry.

    There's always a bully around somewhere. What I meant to ask is if she has a similar situation in the future (not necessarily with-the same individual), what is she suppose to do when the other person has been talked to and it's ineffective?

    The reason I asked is because my son has been in similar situations in years past. I've pounded into his head "tell an adult." Sometimes he was ridiculed for telling an adult; sometimes the intervention taken by the adult was ineffective.

    I think skipping has to be discouraged just so not to give the impression it's ok. (with-my difficult child this may be a green light to skip at will. lol) On the other hand, in a similar situation it'd be a sad thing for a student to have consequences for his/her actions when the only other option s/he feels is left is to physically strike out, refuse school, run away, etc.

    I think the situation was handled well by your difficult child and school.

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    I think she handled it very well!
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    Mrs Cat,

    I think difficult child made great choices. Good for her!


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    Wow...Way To Go to your dtr!

    She used very good choices in how to handle this problem. Isnt this the way an adult would deal with a person who was intimidating them in real life?

    Say you were on the subway or street or a store and some idiot was threatening you. You go to a person in authority and report them. If that doesnt take care of the matter, you remove yourself to a safer area so you are not in a confrontation with a lunatic!

    Good decision making!
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    We were so excited. The little victories.
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    WOW! Such great decision making, I am in awa of your daughter and of your SD for recognizing that your daughter made a good choice.

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    Good for her!! I would have skipped tha class too!!! Heck, she tried to do the right thing first. That didn't work for her, so she did what she had to do to feel safe. Way to go. :smile:
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    Your difficult child (and in turn the school) handled the situation wonderfully.

    I'm impressed by your difficult children ability to stop, think & assess this situation; to advocate for herself. You must be so very proud. :its_all_good:
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    I am so impressed at how she handled this.