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  1. TerryJ2

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    The thread on lock picking got me thinking ... and laughing.

    Recently, when I was PMS-ing, I had a horrid craving for whipped cream on my ice cream. I bought a teeny tiny container of ice cream and wrapped it in a plastic grocery bag, and hid it in the freezer behind the frozen chicken. I put the whipped cream in a wine store bag, the kind with-ads printed all over it and pictures of grapes, and put it inside the fridge door behind the salad dressing. It's been a month now and difficult child has never touched itl!

    My not-so-good hiding places include my daughter's bedroom (she's away at college and difficult child has chiseled his way through the door frame, around the regular lock and deadbolt) and my own office (ditto). So I can see it's easier to fake him out than lock him out.

    Your turn! :smug::laugh:
  2. DammitJanet

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    Back when Cory was a teen and I had to hide my medications from him, I found all sorts of unique places. Unfortunately he was just as stubborn in locating them...lol. Ordinary places such as behind my bed, inside the box spring, or in old purses didnt work. I have those puffy curtain toppers over the drape panels which go over the blinds. Make sense? I would stick one bottle in a topper.

    I would put a bottle in a hole in the wall that had been kicked at the floor.

    My tub has a panel that you take off to reach the pipes. It has been off for years because my cats used it to get outside. I would slide bottles inside there up under the tub.

    See, Cory never touched my medications until a neighbor of ours who was a pill pusher saw me at the pharmacy and heard the pharmacist talking to me about my prescriptions. I really cringed when they did that because I didnt want anyone to know what I took in my area. I knew it would be a problem. Well, this neighbor got ahold of Cory and told him to take one of my pain patches and bring it to her. He had no idea what my patches even were. None. He thought they were like bandaids I took. So he just did it. Then the lady got him to bring her more of my pills. About that time I switched to different pills. She would send him with a list of pills to look for. He would. She would pay him a measily 10 bucks for any pills he brought her. I kept wondering what was happening to my pills. I didnt suspect him until I caught him. Then I started locking them up in various things. A bookbag with a combo lock on it that he simply cut through. Next we got a lunch box I put the lock on. He cut through that with a pair of pliers. Then I got a tool box and put big keyed locks on two hasps. He took apart the hinges. After that...I got the safe.
  3. DDD

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    I never had to hide pills but I did hide money and jewelry. My two best hiding places :redface: were inside the box of feminine hygiene products and in the pockets of winter coats (that never got used in Florida, of course). On one occasion I put a plastic bag in the bottom of the flour container in the pantry. Not even husband knows those hiding places. ;) DDD
  4. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    Work and my car are the two best so far. At one point I could hide the sugar dispenser behind the post in a cabinet, but then Onyxx got tall enough to see it...
  5. lmf64

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    The only thing I hide to keep away from difficult child are Christmas/birthday gifts and for those I go elsewhere (my brother's house lol) difficult child is, was and always will be a digger! Nothing is sacred! If the box is taped shut, addressed and ready to go difficult child thinks he has to know what's in it, even if he packed it lol. I gave up on thinking I could keep anything away from him in the house.
  6. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    After difficult child's assault she went through a cleptomania thing (therapist said it was normal - but it bugged us!) and since she stole my wedding band, H's wedding band, and some rings of easy child's, we hid our jewelry for a while - between the matresses or in our bottom dresser drawer. Since she wasn't seeking these items out but merely picking them up from where we left them, we weren't concerned with her going through our things. She would only take them if we left them, say, on the bathroom vanity or on top of our dressers.

    When difficult child was toying with the idea of suicide, I hid her pills just in case. I carried them with me in my purse and kept the majority of them at work, locked in my desk.

    We have several change jars throughout the house; in the laundry room, my room, kitchen, cars, etc. Once a month, I pool all the change and put it in a large container. For a long time, I had to pool the money every couple of days (while difficult child was not working) and hide the money in containers she wouldn't bother looking in, like gift boxes stacked in my upper bedroom closet or in cookie tins sitting in the pantry (she is not a sweets lover). These days I still hide the large container of change, but I don't have to empty the jars as often. H would always ask me why we never had quarters in the change jars - lol.

    I have hidden chocolate from easy child and H:redface:
  7. SRL

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    Locked suitcases.

    We have a bunch of paper boxes in our basement we use for storage of extra clothing, etc, and sometimes I use those as hiding places. They never pay attention to extra boxes or boxes being shuffled around.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well girls......if it's not in my bra? It's not safe. No stone unturned.

    Allow me to demon-STRATE.

    The shed with the padlock? Nope - took it off the hinges. How did he get into the shop to get the screwdriver, chisel and hammer? He broke out the glass window in the back where we couldn't see him. How did he get into the craftsman tool box? Oh DF figured the 3 deadbolts on the solid wooden door would prevent theft and never locked it. *slap head.

    The glove box of the car? Nope - popped that sucker like it never had a lock. How did he get the keys to the car door? "Oh Mom can I wash your car for you?" and I bought it one time, then he systematically went through the house remembering where every other key was hidden or thought it was hidden and took the spare for a later date.

    The tampax box? Nope - I have no privacy. He rooted through pads, tampons, maxis, minis, ob's, FDS, - that's actually how I caught him. I smelled FDS and knew I hadn't sprayed it. Opened the box and YUP...my mad money gone.

    Taped behind pictures? - Well that was just dumb Star.

    Hidden in the cleaning stuff - Okay I thought this was genius - but then again he NEVER helps clean house but DID manage to snoop and take every single bottle of any kind of cleaner to wash his Nike tennis shoes WITH my best towels, and bleach be hanged if it was a dark towel oh well.

    In plain sight? OH are you kidding.

    In the Bible. Well he does open it occasionally to look for those loose bills.

    In a (oh yea you're going to think I'm lying) locked cedar box, inside another locked box, wrapped in a thin blanket inside a burlap bag, shoved in a cardboard box, shoved in the top of the rafters in the potting shed left dusty for months - and -----well you know the rest of this one.

    IN a Priority mail box marked A-hole file - apparently it was too much temptation.

    In my underwear drawer, In my bra drawer, In my SOCK drawer - and SOCKS are sacred to me......nope - looks, snoops, takes......steals socks.

    Took my change, took my jewelry, took and still takes whatever he wants.

    We got a safe. He tried to roll it out of the closet. OMG.

    And he WONDERS why we said.......Please get a hotel room when you come to town next time.

    Even my craft stuff........ALL of the stuff I had bought at yard sales to do scrap booking, and sticky glitter letters, and my stencils and all my pens, markers, crayons, Sharpie markers, glue sticks, ink gel pens......my paint brushes - VERY expensive. My acrylic paints....OMG. GONE. He asked ........twice. (blanket exemption on it all) I'm STILL finding stuff that he's used and took. Recently I found a pack of iron on letters at a yard sale. I put them back for a T-shirt for a cute project I had in mind. They were brand new. I was cleaning up the other night, went through that craft drawer? Guess what letters are MISSING from that pack - yup - his nick name. (No not doody head) UGH...I thought moron - they are IRON ON LETTERS not more glittery stick on letters. EVEN have a pack of MARINE BOAT stick on letters in case we got a boat again and HE TOOK THOSE -----UGH. Scissors?Until he moved out I couldn't hide a pair. EVEN MY $40.00 Fiskars....that are in a closet in a case, in a basket in the tallest tower in the farthest castle. RUINED used to cut wire. Heck you would think he'd just crawled through the garage window again and stolen more of DF's tools again. DF's conservative estimate of stolen tools is around sickening. We would have LOANED him anything he wanted and did. DF says if he steals one more thing he's calling the law. He's just sneaky all the time and we don't catch him - but no one else is ever in the house.

    The attitude? I ask once - It all belongs to me. If he GIVES it to you? He can take it back and use it WHENEVER. If he gives it as a gift and you don't USE it quick enough? He can take it back. My favorite? If you buy it from him (because he needs the money?) He can USE it whenever he wants and if he breaks it or borrows it he can do so and you should not say diddle because you got a good deal...a really good deal. So I have stop accepting gifts, stopped buying things - mostly because there's no place I can hide them.....and everything (despite what I've told you all in the past) will NOT fit into my bra.

    The end.
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  9. AnnieO

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    OK Star... So Dude is better at this than Onyxx... She at least does not break into my car.

    Where the pop and my purse stay...
  10. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Star, my safe is bolted to my bathroom counter top with bolts that can only be removed from inside the safe. In order to remove said safe, he would have to saw it out or snatch the entire counter top out of the bathroom. We dont own a hand saw and the counter top is roughly 10 feet long! It would never fit through the doors or windows if he did manage to snatch it out. Not to mention the fact he would have a darned heavy safe and two sinks attached to it...lol.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I can put a can of soda in my bra. :tongue:

    Um......not that I would drink it then.....but just sayin. And Janet - We were going to CEMENT the safe into the ground, but at some point you just have to say --------GO LIVE somewhere else.

    If we could give Dude another nick name I think it would have been ROOT.
  12. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Once we put the safe bolted in, I was more worried about OTHER folks than Cory really. While I didnt want him getting to my medications, I was worried some of his friends might break in and attempt to steal the darned thing so we bolted it.
  13. Nomad

    Nomad Guest

    Empty Kotex and Tampon boxes.
    Carved out old books.
    Fake plants.
    Trunk of my car.
  14. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    I have a wall safe hidden behind a very large peice of furniture. It's my best hiding place, but never for ice cream!
  15. mrscatinthehat

    mrscatinthehat Seussical

    I didn't find a safe place when I used to have to hide things. I usually kept things with me.
  16. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I can't give up my hiding places, they're still in use. lol

    Ok, one......only because I'd never use it again. I needed to hide a stash of cash. (from husband not the kids) My mom suggested in the broiler of the stove. So I did. What Mom didn't know was that we had an electric stove. When I turned on the oven.........I smelled something burning........200.00 up in smoke. The way the stove was made the broiler heated up when you turned on the oven. ugh Never again...even though I no longer have an electric stove.
  17. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    Oh no!!!!!

    ...Our stove has a drawer under it. Took me forever to get used to this when we moved here from Texas - I was used to the broiler being there!
  18. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    :redface:I hide money in my bra! Sadly, there's plenty of room in there. :tongue:
  19. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member


    Burnt money in the broiler, cans in bras ... and a neighbor buying pills off your kid????


    Yeah, I did the between-the-mattress thing for a while but he figured it out. (Gosh, someone reading that sentence out of context could really get some mileage out of it.)
  20. sunxstone

    sunxstone New Member

    Wow, guys.. I'm sorry we have to live like this, but it's reassuring to know there are other people out there who know what it's like! There really is no where he will not look for things. He took $400 from my mother in law, she had it in an envelope, stashed on a shelf on the wall high above her bed. He handed it out to his friends. In his defense, though, she *did* take it down and take money out of it right in front of him. :/
    He took money stashed in a camera bag.
    I had to put all of our bath stuff out of sight in a drawer because if I leave it in/on the tub he'll dump it all and refill it with water. I don't expect this "hiding place" to last long. He wasted a brand new full bottle of Dove body wash, two bottles of his axe body wash, my daughter's full bottle of shampoo (just in the last two weeks) and several things of tooth paste. It's bar soap from here on out for us. ::sighs::
    The fridge, pantry and large storage freezer are under combination padlocks. We have to change the combination once a week usually.

    Right now I am hiding our moving money from him in plain sight - stashed in some paperwork in a binder pocket on my desk. I make sure he does NOT know I have it. I only take money out or put back when he is outside or not home.

    Sodas and some of easy child's lunch snacks are locked in the truck. He broke a back window to get in.

    He riffles through all our closets and drawers, boxes I've packed up for moving in a few weeks (I HATE packing, and I keep having to REPACK!! ugh!).. I never know until I find our things in his room, stashed under or inside his mattress.

    He feels everything belongs to him. Especially if it's out in the open. He's destroyed half of our silverware (bent forks and spoons, tossed them out in the yard from his 2nd story window, broken the blades of knives).. sprinkled foot powder all over the living room carpet, tossed food, toothpaste and poo on the ceilings..just feels like having a permanent toddler in the house. There is no where to *hide* this stuff unless we put the entire house under lock and key, or lock him in his room. (Don't worry, not gonna do that, he has no door)