Whew! A reprieve


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We just saw the psychiatrist. The increase in lithium has helped a lot. The Strattera helped minimally but not as much as the Concerta. So the psychiatric gave difficult child a vote of confidence and said he'd test him for THC in 2 mo's instead of 1, and we'd put him back on Concerta tomorrow morning.
But ... THC showed up in my son's system again. It's been about 3 wks since he used it. We can always tell by his attitude/temperament and he was nasty in early July. He's been much better now. Except he doesn't sleep. :(
The psychiatric asked about violent episodes and anger, and since those have tapered off, it had a lot to do with his feeling comfortable with re-prescribing Concerta.
But if difficult child tests positive for THC in 2 mo's, the psychiatrist will dump him.
(My plan is to get difficult child into rehab at that point, but let's hope that this upturn will help.)
difficult child knows that he will get more car privileges when he tests clean for THC so he's got to be strong. So far, it's okay because he's made enemies of most of the kids who were dealing anyway so they don't come around any more.
He's actively applying for restaurant jobs. And not-so-actively making sales calls for Cutco. I've purchased 3 new shirts for him and he actually likes wearing them. I am so sick of rap references and skulls on black shirts I could vomit. It's soooo nice to see difficult child in a "regular" shirt.
Fingers crossed.:dreaming-mini::dreaming::praying:


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He should not be driving at all if he has tested positive. It is a matter of you being harmed financially because it is you or your husband who holds the lease or bank note.

I hope he continues to make positive changes. You do not deserve his c r a p. Having issues does not = drug use. They still have to choose to use it.


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Right. We talked about that today.
He's a black and white thinker. It's everything or nothing.
Right now, he's upbeat.
But that's ... right now.

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A little progress with a backslide here and there is far better than no progress at all. That's great that he's looking for a job, keeping my fingers crossed that he will find one soon.