Whew! Looks like difficult child passed this marking period

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Mar 29, 2013.

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    He got through by the skin of his teeth with-Bs, Cs, and Ds.
    Last night we were up past 11, working on an English paper/PowerPoint that was due ... oh, this week or last week or anytime in the last month. Arrrgh! He just yelled and said he didn't have to do it.
    I said, "DO. IT. NOW. On MY computer."
    "I'm tired."
    This, from a kid who has been awake until 11 or 12 every night watching his iPad and listening to videos ...
    He is right, though. The student teacher is difficult to follow. I found the instruction sheet online and it had three sets of instructions: do a poster, make a powerpoint, or write a paper.
    But it didn't say "or." It replaced the word "poster" at one point with-PowerPoint, and later, "paper." So, which is it? Or all three?
    Plus, it was a project on Romeo and Juliet, and you're supposed to put in your fave scene, with-a quote, and then a quote that's from a diffferent scene (why?) and then comments about which parts of drama they are.
    I have no idea which parts of drama she meant, and neither did difficult child. Online, it could be plot, characterization, climax and conclusion. Or, it could be action, dialogue, music ... you get the idea.
    So difficult child and I wasted, oh, a half hr listening to rap in another language, arguing about whether it was a love song, so he had to find the YouTube that showed a guy writing a letter and sending it to his girlfriend, who breaks down and cries, and he's dying of AIDS, so I thought, o9kay, even though it's in French and Georgian it's applicable.
    He went to bed and I snuck in a Whitney Houston link into scene 3, lol! That's what he gets for going to bed.
    Anyway, it got printed out and he got a B.
    He owes me, bigtime.
    Plus, I have to figure out how to get his printer to work. Maybe reload the driver ... I hate it when he's in my office.

    Thanks for listening!

    P.S. I have the iPad. He didn't even blink when I told him I had it. And he has been behaving, more or less. At least, not swearing or telling me to GET OUT!!! :)
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    Whew, now on to next classes....
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    Whew! And Way To Go both of you!
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    Glad to hear that he passed! That project sounds like a real PITA to complete.
  6. TerryJ2

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    Yes, it was! I can see why he avoided it. Not that that excuses it.
    And now I kind of know how to use PowerPoint. :) I like the part where you click "insert" and you can insert whatever you've got open on the webpage.
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    Yay. That the grading is over. I am too afraid to even check difficult child's grades for this quarter. I did find out that her guidance counselor DID NOT send her 504 plan out to her teachers this year!!!!! difficult child told me that when she was taking the OGT her packet was not marked that she has a 504. Wondered why she was not getting tests made up. Now I know why. One unhappy Momma.
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    Terry, I'm not excusing you're rather interesting and sometimes amusing and sometimes infuriating little guy :) But if he has Learning Disability (LD) problems at all, trust me, homework is really hard. The directions alone are confusing (been there done that with myself). I didn't have a great mom to force me to get my homework done though. Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back.

    YOU DID IT!!!! :)
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    Congrats to difficult child (and you)! That assignment sounds soooo confusing.
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    StressedMomma, I would be FURIOUS!!!!

    MWM and all, thank you. It was kind of fun to speedread Romeo and Juliet again, and difficult child filled me on in all of the names, because I'd completely forgotten them all. And he had a completely different take on the ending than I did. So whether he passed or flunked that particular presentation, he knows the material, and that's what counts. :)
  11. StressedM0mma

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    Step, I am beyond Furious at this point. We will be having therapist with us when we redo her 504 this month. therapist also works for the hospital in the PHP/IOP program. She is faxing me over a list of things she wants included in the 504. therapist had me bring difficult child's 504 to an appointment, and she said,"this is it? This is all they wrote up?" So, at least we should have better help for difficult child in the future.

    And, I agree with you, pass or fail if he know the material, that is what counts.