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Sorry I haven't been around for a while.

difficult child is still in the hospital. Doing very well. This is not like the posh hospitals he is used to and he had a very hard time with the people there when he went in. There are some very mentally ill people there and he doesn't know how to deal with it. The REALLY good thing is that he's not "faking it till he makes it. He's being real and addressing his issues. He's going to NA (his choice) and he's hoping to make some positive friends there. He's still got issues, but who doesn't?

I talked to the DMHAS person today and they are going to be sending him to a transitional program. It's pretty far from here but I think that is best. With all that is going on in my life right now, I am having a hard enough time taking care of myself and honestly, I don't WANT to take care of him anymore. He's almost 19. Almost. When he finishes the transitional program, he will be getting an apartment and they will do job training, etc. I'm still the "mommy" though because I am researching the law on hiring convicted felons, etc. He doesn't know I'm doing it, but I'm going to be prepared when I hear the "I can't find a job" whine.

I moved this past weekend to a slum. Really, a slum. I live right outside a bar, there's a tattoo parlor downstairs and it's pretty rowdy around here. The cats are scared to death! :smile:

The closing on our house is tomorrow and H is off to the UK in a few weeks to be with his next wife. Number 3. Bizzare. He's just got to get rid of me first LOL!

Just a little update. Things are starting to look up and we're working through the muck.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, they seem to be working!



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I'm not sure which emoticon to give you Merris so I'll try a smathering, :bravo: :smile: :reading:. I think I'm reading that you're actually doing ok...

Hope your housing situation is safe.

don't forget to spend some time on you too.


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That is wonderful news. Doesn't sound like a great place you are living, but it sounds like you are making the best of it and feeling that things are looking up.

Hey, if you are feeling really down you could just go have a few belts and get a nice tattoo :smile:

Glad difficult child is doing well in the program. If I remember right he's in a state facility like my difficult child was. That was the best program for him. There is nothing posh about it, it's all real!!!


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I just have to smile. you posted some stuff that would make most folks have their hair standing on end...yet you say things are looking up. :smile:

isnt that the way it is? we go thru scarey and sad muck but we stand up and hose ourselves off and start a new life.

good for you!


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Wow! That was one quick sale and closing. How wonderful for you
that you don't have to worry all winter about mortgage payments
on an empty house. :grin: I'm assuming that your attorney made
sure you have as much security as possible so things should be
better soon. I'm proud of you for getting through all the heavy
duty anquish and stress.

It's time for life to start looking up for you! Hugs. DDD


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Wonderful that your difficult child is going to NA meetings by choice.
What a great mom helper you are to be looking at job opportunities for down the road too.

Merris...I admire you. You sure are a strong woman.
hugs and care,


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LOL! How did you know? As soon as the divorce is over I'm going to get a tattoo on my left shoulder that says "Free". I'm also going to get the one that I got when I was 17 fixed. Doesn't look so good on a 40 year old! Can you say LONG STEMMED rose? Ha! H wouldn't let me get it fixed on my 35th b-day so now tht I'm in charge - I'm doing what I want!

Extra good news. Talked to difficult child today and he wanted me to come and visit. I told him I was tired and I really don't feel like it. He said, "okay Mom, take care of yourself. Come and see me tomorrow if you can". WHAT?!?!?!?! Is that my boy growing up? Accepting that his mother has feelings and needs of her own? WOW! Such a milestone.

What a great day!


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Merris, stick it on your rearend....just in case you fall madly
in love with someone who wants tats to be private! LOL!

I'm happy for you. DDD


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FALL IN LOVE? I don't think so. I'm never even going to date again. Ever. Don't want to. I've found out that I really don't like the way men think and I've decided to avoid them.

Besides, I want to flaunt that I am FREE and I am ME!


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Merris. Glad to hear you are doing well. It does sound like your ex is a piece of work. He's already got number three lined up? in my opinion that's just SICK. I think you are doing it right take it slow... but a work of caution...never say never LOL! -RM


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It is so wonderful to hear some humor and resolve in your posts. I'm glad your son is understanding that you have needs and is trying to cope on his own. Keep it up! (And just how long is the stem?)


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Well, it was a stem at one point. Now it's a really, really, really long stem. They "bleed" out - the color fades and the lines get wider. I can't think of anything they would be able to put over it other than a black heart but that's kind of depressing. No one wants a black cat on their boob either.

Not like anyone is going to see it, but if this weight keeps coming off (down 40 lbs!) I may even wear a bathing suit in public again!