Who are your heroes, if any. Or zeroes, if any.


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I was thinking about who I admire greatly, both fsmous and personal. Then I thought of only one current Zero, aside from the obvious ones such as Hitler, murderers, etc. Add your list if you like.

Heroes, not personal: Rosa Parks (I named a dog after her...Rosa), Danielle Steele (I dont like her books, but for all her fortune snd fame she gracefully survived the suicide of her bipolar son, started a bipolar donation, rescues dogs and feeds the homeless in person along with her remaining children), Marie Shriver (advocate for the disabled), and that's all I can think of right now, although I'm sure there are more. I tend to admire brave people who try to do good. I dont feel most people put themselves out for others...yes, I am a cynic.

Personal heroes: My kids, all who overcame challenges, especially Sonic, my husband, my ex mother in law and ex grandmother in law (both angels now), and my Bff who also has passed after a brave battle with cancer over ten years ago. A great lady. So much goodness radiating from her and my exs mother and grandmother. So gracious all the time.

My One Zero: Trump :ashamed:
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Mr. Rogers. I am serious.

My dog is my hero, and my cat, too. My husband, again and again, is my hero. My children too SWOT, for their bravery and courage and because they love me. And my grands, too. All the good things I am so grateful to have, those things are my heroes in this time when everything seems so scary, and so weirdly unpredictable.

I don't think I have any zeros. I really do believe we all are doing the best we know. This is a chaotic time, but we will, and somehow, the world will, come back into balance. The difference now is that we hear about so much that is wrong. These things, or worse things, have always been happening. It is disturbing and scary to know about them, but because we all know, we can change things this time.

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I loan to Kiva. I don't actually care if I ever get the money back, but when I do I reinvest it in someone else at Kiva.

Things like this are happening now, SWOT. I don't know whether the image will come up. Here is the website: https://www.kiva.org/

This organization makes it possible for anyone to lend $25 to anyone else in the world to help them start a business or make improvements in their communities. Pay back rate is something like 96%.

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This is a great question. I personally believe that our heroes, esp as young people,, greatly influence our decision making.

My grandmother was somewhat of a hero . She started off as a difficult child.

But later, worked hard at her job, invested her money and although not a rich woman, did well. She never married.

I've had a teacher or two that, again, were somewhat heroes.

My husband is definately a hero. Very hard worker. Never complains. Kind. Smart. I'm grateful and fortunate! :)

I need to add our son. He went through a weird difficult child experience in high school. Fortunately it was short lived. Whew. He ended up doing extraordinarily well in college, graduating with honors. He has won awards at work. He is an excellent husband and father. Has really excelled at many things. :)
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My mom has always been a hero of mine. She has battled many things internal and external to do the things she wanted to accomplish and even when she failed, she did it with grace. Even when we fought tooth and claw, I knew that if an emergency happened, she would be there for me. I also admire the way she hasn't strangled my father in recent years. He tends to overdirect the smallest things, like how many cans of whatever are in the pantry and my mom just rolls with it and I would have had to strangle him a very long time ago. I adore my father, but he really needs more to do.