who 'bout that brittany?


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<span style="color: #990000">okay, i don't usually post about pop stars....particularly ones i don't like, but dear lord, this child has totally gone off the rails :smile: :smile:.

her mother or cps should step in & rescue those kids. not like she'd miss them as she's never with-them. poor little babies :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:.

kris </span>


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I'm incredibly tired of clicking online for news and getting reports of people whose highest priority in life is publicity.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>kris, it might be time for her mom to have her admitted. She just shaved her head. :nonono: She looks to be in a downward spiral and is going to crash soon. Too bad she doesn't have friends around her who stop her. I'm sure the kids have a nanny or two or three.
I agree that the overzealous news coverage of things that aren't news is way over the top, SRL. It's gotten worse and worse. Do we really want or need to know every restaurant, hotel or trip they take? Does anyone really care? </span>


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I don't care at all, Fran. LOL! I posted about Anna Nicole, too. You know, I'm tired of reading it all. I'm actually ashamed to even have opened this post or reply to it.

How's our troops doing?

Sheesh. Britney Spears. Who gives a rats ?



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Well, I don't like her either but ... that was my thoughts too, that's she's spiraling down fast and the "crash" is coming soon. And when she does "crash", I hope she's nowhere near those two babies! I am assuming that there are responsible people caring for them, but still ... she's the one paying those "responsible people"!

Right before the head-shaving incident, the stories on the news were that she had entered some type of rehab facility, didn't like it, and left after one day. Then a day or so later, they show her completely bald and getting several tattoos! And they quoted her as saying that when she got her hair done, people kept touching her ... and she didn't like people touching her, so now they don't have to ... or something like that! :shocked: It's kind of hard for someone to do your hair without touching you! Doesn't sound too stable to me either!

Personally, I don't give a rats rear what she does, although I do feel sorry for those two little babies caught in the middle! But the really bad part is that millions of little girls idolize people like her and want to be just like her! The media gives constant publicity to these people who are "famous for being famous", the money, the partying lifestyle, the scandals. Hopefully, these latest developments will be a "learning tool" for millions of mothers out there to talk to their daughters about more suitable role models!

Sheesh! I can hardly wait to watch Jay Leno tomorrow night ... he and Letterman will have a field day! Their opening monologues have practically been written for them! :grin: :grin:


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I am really rather sick of her behavior, myself.

Janna....Anna Nicole? I just cannot believe that she is worth all the hoopla. The news channels have devoted whole hour long programs to her. Good Grief! Enough already!


I guess I have a different outlook on this. She has grown up in the public eye. I cannot imagine how hard that would be. After my major depression 4 years ago, I didn't want to go outside in my own neighborhood and have to face my neighbors - even though I doubt many of them knew anything, I felt as though they did. A bit paranoid, I guess. It took years to rebuild my self-confidence. Brittany cannot go anywhere without her every move being watched, analyzed and talked about. Couple that with going through whatever it is she's going through and....well it's not surprising she's falling fast.

I hope that she gets the help she needs and I hope that someone is caring for the children.

And the media focuses on it because it sells. That's more of a reflection on our society as a whole rather than the media. Pretty sad, huh?


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I do feel sorry for her kids but as far as what any of those nuts do, I couldn't care less.
It's a good thing I wasn't famous when I was her age because they probably would have had me committed also. But I didn't have babies to look after.
I was with my friend this weekend who is battling leukemia and we had just been discussing her losing her hair and getting a wig when we saw Brittany on TV. My friend has decided she is right in style.!!!


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I can't help but think we are watching a train wreck in progress. It could be any one of our kids but it's a bazillionaire instead. And it is no less devastating. I have to say that I'm very surprised at the lack of empathy on this thread. It makes me very sad...for Britney...and for her kids.


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I feel bad for her, her kids, her family, everyone close to her. I think that her parents must really be devastated and lying awake at night trying to find an answer to how they can help thier daughter and grandchildren.

Granted, she's made some poor choices and there certainly is a lot of fat to chew when it comes to her failed marriages, public 'displays', etc., but I just think that it comes with all the constant 24/7 media attention, exploitations, gobs of money, immaturaty, and lack of guidance in her life. It's truly sad, because not that long ago, she was very cute and had promise.


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I personally do not follow all of the hoopla on the famous people but did hear on the radio about what she did (Shaved her head) My first thought was the children that she has no business even having and the second thought was how freaked out her parents must be. This girl has lost her marbles and then some.... Oh well, Not that she needs to save but she will no longer need those pricey hair products at least for a while anyway, Lol!! Oh and word has it her hair is to be auctioned off on E-Bay..... I got a laugh out of that, I wonder for what cause. Hmmmmm... She has simply lost her marbles. :) Or may have chosen buddism.


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First off, I worry for her children. I hope they are, at the very least, safe. I feel compassion for her and I'm not a big celebrity watcher. She has been on display since she was a kid and the press delights in reporting such downward spirals. And, it seems, society delights in watching them.

Not knowing her, who really knows what is driving this current behavior? Though, I'm sure many of us can make some very accurate, and educated, guesses.

I suppose I pause and think about the human behind the persona. Regardless of money, and fame, there is a person who is obviously suffering greatly.

When I was a teenager, my Father was a prominent figure in our city. Then, there was a small scandal involving him (no big deal now that I look back at it). Then, my Mom filed for divorce for unrelated reasons. It was a bitter, and nasty, divorce. Those two things combined was delicious fodder for the local newspaper. I can't express how hurtful it was to my Mother and us kids. Plus, people, supposidly MATURE grown adults would walk to up me at my part time job and make horrible comments about my parents and our family. These weren't kids, but ADULTS talking about my family, and me, as if I were an object without feelings. It still carry the scars from that time.

I'm shocked at the lack of empathy on this thread. Okay, fine, whatever. I find her behavior odd, and out of control, also. But, it's reminiscent of what parents of easy child kids say about us and our difficult children.

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I clicked on the thread cuz I wanted to know what britney was being dicussed. :rofl: Shows how much attention I pay to either stars or the news anymore.

What makes me angry about the whole mess is that it is self evident that the woman is in serious need of help, be that mental health or drug rehab, or both. I think pretty much the entire country can agree on that.

Yet no one has taken any action to help her get that help. The press suck it up and throw it at us like sharks at feed because they think we can't get enough. Please, because I like to be entertained doesn't mean I need the nitty gritty details of every stars life. :hammer: What are her parents doing to help her? What are the responsibilities of her managers, those nannies, the others who work with her everyday, the people that hire her for Godsake?

Puts me in mind of Michael Jackson. We all watched his downward spiral into mental illness, yet no one has ever taken steps to help him.

Because they're famous people have put them up so high everyone thinks of them as untouchable. Including the authorities. If these were run of the mill people, authorities would be crawling out of the woodwork to be certain something was done. The press and the public would be demanding it.

In the end, the famous go on in their own little worlds of @ss kissers until they self destruct. Then the press gets even more grissly details to tear them to shreds. And everyone boo hoos over the shame of it all. We see it now with Anna Nicole, it happened with Marilynn Monroe, and Elvis Presley.

It makes me sick. :ill:

One of the reasons I so rarely watch the news anymore. It's a shame so many people feed off the self destruction of others. :frown:


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">What are her parents doing to help her? </div></div>

That was also asked on the View today. I think we need to be careful here. How many of us have grown difficult children that we can only helplessly watch spiral down? Britney is an adult and her parents likely have little to no recourse to force her to get the help that she obviously needs.

So let's not go down the blame the parents route here of all places.



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I dont think I would blame the parents for what she is doing so much NOW...but....how about what put her in this position in the first place. Who allowed their very young teen daughter to dress like a hooker when she was what? 13 in front of millions of people for everyone else to imitate? Sure she was a star and made scads of money but is this worth it? Guess that is for them to answer.

I dont blame them for having a talented daughter and wanting to allow her to sing but they didnt have to allow her to be marketed in that manner.


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Kathy's right. Under the law, she's an adult, and there is very little her parents or anyone else can do, other than perhaps assure themselves that the children are being properly cared for. It was reported that she did enter a rehab facility and then left one day later. They can't force her to go or to seek any other kind of treatment, any more than anyone else can force their adult "child" to do anything. And in her case, it's probably even more difficult ... all that money provides a large amount of "insulation" in the way of unlimited travel, attorneys, body guards, etc. And all these people that are surrounding her are people who make their living working for HER!

It IS very sad to watch anyone in such a downward spiral, which she obvious is, especially one so young and full of promise. Her behavior is even more bizarre in light of the fact that she's facing a legal battle with her husband for custody of those two babies! I seriously doubt that the media will leave her alone though, or that the public will give her a break and stop watching for new developments anytime soon ... the whole thing is just too bizarre not to watch!

All that being said (and this might sound uncaring or unsympathetic), but celebrities who do not WANT all that attention from the media should not pull bizarre stunts in public places. They should be at home, acting like a mature, responsible adult, taking care of the children they have brought in to this world! If you don't WANT attention or embarassing pictures circulating, then you do NOT flash the photographers as you're getting out of a car! If a celebrity doesn't WANT embarassing stories printed in the paper, then they shouldn't be partying with Paris Hilton every night and passing out in night clubs!

Sadly, I think she was on her way down a long time before all this started. But unfortunately, there is pretty much nothing anyone, including her parents, can do until she herself is ready to get help.

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I didn't mean it in the blame sense. I meant why aren't the press asking these types of questions, instead of glorifying her downward spiral?

I don't blame her parents for what she's doing now. But Janet has a point. They were in control of her career up til she turned 18. The Mom didn't have to allow her daughter to be marketed the way she did. And I do wonder if she regrets that now.

But so many people ride on the coat tails of these stars, grabbing the money and fame while the gettings good. Like parasites. Then once the star is used up, they move on to the next one. :rolleyes:


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No way do I blame the parents but I was thinking of Martin Sheen when his son was out of control. The parents forced him to seek treatment to save his life.

If any of those around her care about and not think of her as a meal ticket they will force her to withdraw from the limelight and get her feet on the ground.

Her parents did a good job of keeping her pretty sensible. There is no blame. A young adult with no boundaries is guaranteed to crash when left to their own devices. Most young adults need some parenting and direction and boundary. Finances create boundaries for most young adults. She has absolutely no restriction for anything. She will be another Hollywood story of crash and burn if someone doesn't stop her.