Who do I bring difficult child to test for food allergies?


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Hello. I am a newbie here. Who do I bring my difficult child to for testing of food allergies/sensitivities? I read on one site that I should look for an Environmental Medicine Specialist...any suggestions?

How will they test him?



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Hi MM,
we went to an allergist locally who was known for specializing in food allerties. A lot of allergists don't believe that food can affect behavior so you have to check around very thoroughly before wasting a visit.
Ours was referred by our psychiatrist.
If you're in a big city you'll have an easier time, of course. You can try a Google search and type in env medication spec with-your city. That may work. Then call and talk to the staff to make sure it's what you want.
Good luck!


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Our allergist missed the boat with food allergies. Said Missy is allergic to egg whites.....NOT. Don't have any problems, whatsoever with eggs. Said she wasn't allergic to food dyes.....NOT! She doesn't show signs like hives or rash, but can go into a rage, like no one's business!

I agree with Terry....look for someone who has a homeopathic background, if you can.