Why do I feel like I get nowhere?


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Had a meeting at the school for difficult child to be placed back at the school from partial. They basically told me no matter what difficult child will be moving on to High School next year. That they will at this point have someone to there to make sure he packs his homework.

Up until now it was in IEP that when difficult child was frustrated or was not doing as he was told he would be sent to the office for a "chill period". However, if this was done he would then have detention or suspension. The school thinks he does this to get out of work. Maybe or maybe not. He does have the capabilities to do the work, however, sometimes I truly believe he has trouble focusing or something is going on that he is not doing it. Something that has not been identified. My thoughts are maybe he should be sent to guidance counselor? Someone who will listen to him instead of punish him. I always feel as if I am fighting the school. They are mad at me because I called the local agency to find out how to have an individual IEP assessment. The agency then contacted the person at our school and told them. So since that time she has been a bit miffed at me. The school has made me feel like I have no say, and so far I have never really pushed till now. Any clue if there are things that maybe I should be asking for. Like will they still make sure he has things to bring home at High School IEP meeting on the 14th. Send him to Guidance office?


You need to send your request for an evaluation by CERTIFIED MAIL--only this action starts their 60 calendar day tme-line.

The SD should have initiated an evaluation due to the partial hospitalization --but they did not.

It sounds to me as if you are going to have to be very persistent to get services your child obviously needs. They are passing the buck and do not want to serve.