Why do the good things have to be hard to handle?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Tuesday difficult child and I learned that he was in the paper the night before for leading the JV bowling team at their 1st meet. We were both so super excited and still flying high when after school team practice came up. Neither of us expected this! Sometime during practice, difficult child missed a spare and the other kids lightheartly teased him about it. Not a good thing! He decided he needed to remind them as to who was the best on the team! Though it didn't get totally out of hand, I was embarrased for how he behaved. ............ Tonight, there was a contest and the other kid who is very similar to difficult child (we thought he might lead) in bowling won. He was sent up to the front desk to get his prize which I did not know what it was. difficult child comes up to me and asks for me to get him a rootbeer float. I go into the deli to order it just in time to see the staff handing the other boy a rootbeer float. I know difficult child was very jealous/angry that he did not win it so was going to show everyone that he could have one anyway. "Because whoever has the float is a winner and everyone else are loosers." in difficult child's eyes. So, I told him no rootbeer floats for him tonight - it would just cheapen the other boy's victory. Ofcourse difficult child is angry - he started throwing strikes and spares left and right and turning around saying, "Do I deserve it now?" I told him that was the prize for the contest and no matter how well he does now, he did not win the contest. He can not buy his way into victory. There will be another time and some day he might win the prize. ......... He still has trouble with this good sportmanship concept from time to time. Somedays I swear I think he wants the Golden Egg on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!!!!
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    The concept seems so simple, doesn't it? Yet is so unatainable for these little guys so much of the time.FWIW, your difficult child is obviously a very good bowler, and you can tell him board auntie shari said so.
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    Thank you Shari - Our ride home from the bowling alley last night was not much fun while I tried to explain how I was seeing this and he tried to tell me that I was sending him the message that I agreed he was a loser since I would not give him the rootbeer float. I got to hear his egotisctical view points on how it is o.k. if others tell their parents they are the best but they best know and recognize that difficult child is really the best. Ugh! I was so excited about him journaling these type of things but he is refusing - a combination of not quite sure how and when I explain says that it would be too long.I can't live with him when he is #1 for the moment, I can't live with him when he is #2 for the moment, and I certainly can't live with him when he is on the bottom for the moment.The newpaper article really did help his game though. It gave him the confidence to continue and knowledge that he is a good bowler. I have seen a huge improvement this week. Now to just teach him to bring that big head of his down a few notches. That he doesn't have to worry about what others think - it is not his duty to make sure others see him as the best and not tease him when he goofs up.