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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by 4sumrzn, Jun 7, 2008.

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    I've been trying to read posts & replies today......not getting anywhere! Get through one, want to reply & difficult child spills a drink, needs help in the potty, the dog wants to eat the mail man, difficult child slops in mud, difficult child sets the car alarm off, computer decides to take a nap & forget I was typing....see where I'm going here? I have been home all day with difficult child. easy child came home around 11:00 from sleep over. He went to hide in his room. husband working. difficult child following me around constantly.....I "tried" to hide a couple of times (pretend potty breaks) & she camped out with her nose under the bathroom door!!!!

    Guess I just needed to let that out. Another rainy day, baseball canceled & stuck at home. I feel like she's attached to my hip. I've been trying to see what's going on around here & can't even finish anything. So, hope everyone is doing well!

    AH...HA......put the IPod on & kept putting the "hand up" to difficult child to get THIS one finished. Whew. I think I finished two now.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    Tink can be perfectly content coloring, playing, or engrossed in a movie, and the second I get on the computer, she starts.

    "Can we play Lego Star Wars? Can I go to everythinggirl.com? Can I look at pictures of kitties online? Can I send my dad an email?"

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    I remember when my son was a little guy and we had two cats and a dog. The cats, dog and son all followed me to the bathroom. If I shut the door (a tad claustrophobic, I don't like shut doors), the all stood outside and waited for me. The cats died, my son moved and it's just me and another dog.....who also follows me to the bathroom and demands I pet him while I go! Sibes can be sooo demanding.

    To this day when we are visiting each other my son will stand outside the bathroom door and talk to me. Drives. Me. Nuts.
  4. flutterbee

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    They have some kind of sonar that goes off whenever mom is trying to do something for herself/by herself.
  5. Andy

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    I can be a couch potatoe and everyone leaves me alone. When the kids were young, if I was on the phone, "Mom ......", if I tried reading something, "Will you read to me?" I always figured that they thought if I was actually going to do something, it might as well be with them.
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    been there done that and it's not fun. I think Heather's right. They have sonar.

  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I had to laugh at your post - because it brought back a day I had with Dude.

    He had been really acting out, and misbehaving. I mean to the point of total chaos and insanity. We were down to giving him his clothes, nothing in his room but a bed, sheet and pillow, no door - and just him and a book. He had about 15 more minutes to go on his 'go to your room' deal and I was here, on "the board". I affectionately call it "THE BOARD" and everyone in my house knows when Mom is on "The board" just leave her alone - she's trying to cool down, or find sanity. It's the equivalent of the search for the holy grail in our home.

    So Dude was in his room, and I logged on, had read a post or two, was getting ready to comment and here comes Mr. I needa, I wanta, CANIhava, and whining like God gave him this great task ALL unto him alone. And I did the "ignore" and detach thing. Dude turned up the heat. I pointed to the room and pointed, and pointed, and reluctantly he went back. Five minutes later he's baaaaaack and whinier than EVER and now he's rolling around with his sheet on the ground in the dining room looking at me in the living room saying "I needa, I wanta, CanIhava? I pointed again - and added 10 minutes. Finally he came out of his room, wrapped in his sheet like the curse of the mummy - dragging a foot and all for dramatic effect and before he got "I needa" out of his mouth?

    I leaned over in my chair and I literally growled and yelled at the same time "I AM ON THE BOARD LEAVE ME ALONE." and if you could get a visual on it - when the words came out - had it been a cartoon you would have seen Dudes hair blown back clean to the sides of his head as if a mighty wind exited my body like dragons breath sans the flames."

    Dude got up, forgot his dead leg limp, jerked his sheet around his little hiney and walked down the hall to his room saying "I HATE THE BOARD."

    To this day I only have to say to anyone - I"m on the board - and I'm immediately left alone unless it's fire, food, or flatulence (from the dog).

    Maybe you aren't yelling/growling and demanding your time hard enough?
  8. 4sumrzn

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    And...better yet...Star* to the rescue! LOL. I was just admiring your response to another post. You always "bring it home" & make me smile. Thank you. Only problem here is......I really don't think it matters with difficult child. She doesn't "get" much...anything for that matter. I know we all feel the same way at times. I could be trying to pull weeds, poop scoop, cook, pee, get dressed.....doesn't matter. ALWAYS "there" & doesn't understand what I'm doing & continues to ask "what I'm doing". The children I babysit for even ask me.."why is she doing that?". To me? Everything she does is a "why"?

    Heather ~ For sure.... sonar EVERYWHERE.

    Adrianne ~ I "want" to be a couch potato....at least long enough to eat the Bon-Bons that I tell husband I'm enjoying. LOL! I understand though.......I should keep working harder to find a way for that "time" with difficult child. She doesn't connect with any activity or

    **see** I've just now tried to respond to this MANY times & put THIS in here because I can't finish. I suppose I don't "get it" either. Hmmmmm????
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    I can so relate to days like that. Gentle hugs. I think a good soak in a bubble bath is a good idea for tonight.
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    A friend once told me, "The fastest way to get a kid to leave you alone is to ask them to help."

    So, does difficult child ever get to help? "I am washing dishes, do you want to dry?" "I am making supper, do you want to wash the carrots?" "I am setting the table, do you want to put the plates on?"

    I know couch potato is usually just a dream. Just to say that it depended on what I was doing. If kids thought I could find a way to do it with them (talk, read, etc.) they would be more apt to bother me.

    This may be her way of trying to figure you out and staying close.