WHy? Why? Why???

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    Jess has taken to watching her favorite shows (CSI anything) late at night after husband is asleep. I asked why and she said that it was the reason. Seems husband sits and asks WHY all through the show. I had to laugh.

    that was the one thing that drove husband nuts about having little kids. All the why-ing. The boys esp were bad, if they asked once they asked a dozen tmes, one after another, soon as you answered the first one.

    They didn't do it long with me, maybe a week. I told them to go look it up. Or to ask Gpa. husband finally started giving very long, drawn out answers to them.

    Last night he said that Jess really bugged him. He asked why? while seh was watching a recorded CSI and she gave him a five paragraph essay, verbally, with-o letting him get a word in edgewise.


    She had asked how to handle it and I let her know how HE handled it. Makes me laugh. They can be so alike and they do this stuff just to annoy and/or stump each other.

    It was just too funny to hear them talking to each other about it and then complaining to me about it!
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    So funny. Good for her.
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    Part of what made it so horribly funny for me was knowing he used to do it to the kids, esp the boys, because they would do the Why? over and over to him.

    I suggested it to her when she told me how it annoyed her - after husband admitted she asked him to stop several times but he didn't. Normally I do NOT suggest ways for her to annoy him back even if she asks. But when he ignores her when she tries to get him to stop by asking nicely more than once, I give up my "parental solidarity" with him and give her ideas.

    Part of what I find so cool about Jessie is that she will not just make up nonsense - her long winded answers will be packed with facts and reasons and where she learned them.
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    Way to go, Jessie!
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    What you do comes back to haunt you... *snicker*
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    Good girl!!! :bigsmile: