Will Monday ever come?


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'><span style="color: #6666CC">I am so tired of spending my 2 days off of work nagging, arguing, and just being totally frustrated!!! It makes me sick. My difficult child was non-compliant with just about everything he was asked to do today. He wouldn't argue just say- I will do it- then it doesn't get done............... I nag, I worry, I just want to scream. I put it on his point sheet for his partial, knowing that they will take points off of him for being non-compliant. I feel guilty. Yet he has got to take some responsibility. Totally can't wait to get a break.</span></span>

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There are some weekends that seem endless. I've learned to stop the nagging - doesn't help kt complete her chores.

I put a list of what is expected of her each day (it's pretty simple given her emotional/developmental age) & remind her that it must be completed before bedtime. That it's the right thing to do & will prove to me she can be responsible. I don't get an argument & in general kt completes her list.

If she doesn't she loses 10 minutes play time after school so she can finish her chore. I'm more than willing to work with her - more often than not she wants to do it on her own.

The point sheet for your difficult child is part of his treatment plan. You shouldn't feel guilty - his choices are his. This may help him "connect the dots" when it comes to compliance at home.

Hope you enjoy your "day off" tomorrow!