wiped out -clonidine patches


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I have worn patches for pain before and I have known a mom who had a child on the clonidine patches and we both put them on the backs.

Now my patches were worn for three days so I also used a cover to go over the patch to keep it on because it had a tendency to fall off. If his do to, you could try a large bandaid and if that doesnt work I can give you the name of these covers.

Putting them on his back where he cannot reach them will stop him from pulling them off.

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Thanks-he does wear them on his back but finds a way to get them off anyways. I would like the name of the covers because they do fall off and nothing we've tried so far has worked for that. He wore one last summer but we had to discontinue because of all his swimming.


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Bioclusive transparent Dressings

They are made by Johnson and Johnson. You can call them and they will send you a package of them. The number is 1 800 255 2500

They do stay on in water.