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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Mar 30, 2010.

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    How are you and how is your son doing?
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    I just finished posting to another thread and saw this so it may be the quickest reply ever! Thanks for asking.

    difficult child came home Thursday night. Friday at school things were rough because I somehow missed up his morning medications that day. With all of the changes I goofed. Let's just say we have no doubt how much he needs his medications.

    husband was home alone with difficult child from late Friday afternoon until yesterday because easy child/difficult child and I went to visit my sister (we had a fantastic time). husband said difficult child was very needy and demanding but, overall, o.k. One thing I have noticed since we've been home yesterday is how hyper he is. husband and I both think it seems more on the hyper end then the manic end but it is hard to tell.

    The good thing is he hasn't been threatening at all. He did get mad today when I took the scissors away as he was about to try to cut something of the dog. Usually I wouldn't grab something from him but I was afraid he was accidentally going to hurt the dog. When I did this my nail scraped his finger on accident so then he dug his nails into my leg-ouch-but it was through pants and didn't leave any mark. It is the only sign of violence I"ve seen from him and, not that any is o.k., but at least he brought himself right back under control.

    Seems like some good things came out of the hospitalization but I'm still very cautious. Today I could notice him getting angrier faster than he has been since he has been home. He has both a therapist and psychiatrist appointment. tomorrow-there may still need to be some medication tweaking done. Again thanks for asking!
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    At least you can see some improvement- I have been thinking and worrying about you. I'm glad you got a little break, at least, and that easy child was ok while you enjoyed a visit with your sister. I'll try to catch up on how it went on your other thread.
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    Oops-I didn't mean I posted on my own thread-just that I had finished responding to another one when I saw this. I just with the easy child part of her would have lasted when we returned home-she went right back to difficult child mode!