Witzend has been struggling to get back online since the first software upgrade. We've been emailing back and forth and trying different things with no success. Yesterday the guy that wrote this forum software stepped in to try and help her. He worked on the database and did some other stuff that was way too technical for me and then he was able to log in using her account. I haven't heard back from her since then so I'm unsure if it worked for her or not...


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Thanks for the head's up, RB :smile: . Hopefully Witz will be online soon. Thanks for all of the help you are providing for her.



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I Baack! At least I hope I am!

The job is actually pretty difficult on me physically. Four days a week is too much for me to keep going, regardless of that it's short hours. It's an hour drive each way, plus getting ready. I will stay at it for a while, but I really need to look for something that is two days a week. I think I could go longer hours, but not so many days, more easily. More than anything I need recovery time, and what I'm getting isn't enough. My time off is spent lying down trying to feel good enough to get up and cook or do anything other than sleep.

On the other hand, I did get a new car! Well, we leased a new car. L's boyfriend is an assistant sales manager at a Hyundai dealership. I sold our 12 year old little Toyota Tacoma on Craigslist which only took about an hour. Of course, we did nothing with the paperwork until the guy handed us cash. I used that to make the closing costs, and ended up with a very nice 2007 Santa Fe V6 with AWD, electronic stability, heated seats, (I love my heated seats!) moon roof, etc, etc for less than half of what a monthly payment would be to buy. I know what they were offering the low-end front wheel drive one for on lease in their ads, and I am only paying $9 more a month for the one with all the bells and whistles. So I am happy about that. And, it is only 3 miles less to the gallon than the Toyota was. I don't have kids anymore, so I know that I can keep it clean to return it. And, driving wise, I'd have to double my work drive to 8 days a week to even come close to using up all of my miles. We only usually put about 7,000 miles on our cars per year. It probably won't matter in the long run anyway, as if I like the car and decide to keep it - which so far it looks good with a 5 year, 100k warranty on it - the miles driven won't matter.

Miss L is still "Miss". I know she expected an engagement ring at Christmas, then again on Valentines, and her birthday is next month, so she probably expects something then, too. But, I talked to her Thursday and she said she was going to look for a job on Friday. Big surprise, something came up and she couldn't go... But, maybe her boyfriend told her that if she wants to buy things she needs a job. Honestly, I do like the guy. I wish the two of them would be more honest with each other with where the relationship is going. She says that "things are looking like we might be getting married", and people should only get engaged after they have been together 3 years. March will be three years for them. Hmmm...

I guess that's about it. I hope that I will continue to be able to log on without a problem. But if not, know that we are still working on it!


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<span style="color: #6633FF">hey, girlfriend. i was really starting to worry.

the new car sounds terrific!!! have fun with-it.

kris </span>