Wonder if anyone could help me....please


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I am making all my soaps now getting ready to start selling. One thing I am wanting to do is make these little embeds to put inside or on top of the soaps. Embeds are made with those funky silicone ice cube trays. You can sometimes find them at dollar stores or places like that.

I was wondering if anyone here had any of those they didnt use anymore. I can buy them off of ebay or amazon but most of the cheaper ones are from china and will take almost 2 months to get here. I would really like to get them before then.

I will trade for some soap!


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Dang I used to have some. I made soap for a fundraiser for the cheerleaders. I got trays with butterflies and stuff that was small. Then I put them in the normal soap shaped molds and poured a different color over it. A hint is to put a little in before you put your embed in then fill the mold. I had some of the embeds pop out when I was taking them out of the molds.

Have you thought about just cutting chunks of soap in a different color and embedding them? I found that to be an easy way to do it without buying molds. Plus it is very in style and rustic. Lol.

Ps I liked to play with scents too. Vanilla chunks and strawberry soap.

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I may end up doing that for a lot of mine because I like to do hot process and you cant use melt and pour for the embeds using that. Now I can use cold process embeds which is why I am looking for some of the little trays. I dont want to put something in the soap so much as put something on top. Like I have one scent called Monkey Farts which turns the soap a dark tan color. I want to put a little bunch of yellow banana's on the top.

For most of my soap I will just be using colors and mica lines.


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depending on how hot the soap is when you make the embeds, look for candy molds at places like BigLots, also for jello molds. Of course they would also have some at Michaels or even the Wilton area of Walmart.

Go out onto freecycle and post asking for jello and candy molds. I know several people here who have done that and gotten tons of them each time they have asked. If I knew where mine were, I would pull out some duplicates and send them, but after moving and all, I haven't even got an idea where to start looking.

Another way to do this is to pour some soap into a shallow pan like a jelly roll pan or cookie sheet iwth sides. When it is cool enough to handle but not set, use cookie cutters to cut the shapes you want. It works pretty well. Or you can put a bunch of different cookie cutters in the pan and pour the soap into them and let them set up in the pan, then break it all apart and pop the shapes out of the cookie cutters. It also works with fudge. (I have done ti with both soap and fudge)

For a different soap item, get one of those long loofah sponges that looks like a cylinder. You can cut it into slices about 3/4 to 1 inch thick, put them in a pan and pour soap on them to make an exfoliater. You can also use a loaf pan and put the entire loofah in and then fill it with soap. When hardened you cut it into slices. You need a power saw to do that, and then some hot water to soften the edges to smooth it and make it look pretty, but they usually sell very well. Around here it adds another $2 or so to the cost of the bar of soap if it is packaged prettily and you have it all smooth looking.

Keep an eye out in the jello aisle at the store for when they have the molds. Also check Kraft's website because they sometimes have deals on them there too.


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I have two jello molds that I will most likely do melt and pour with Monkey for Xmas presents. They are two big though for what I am wanting. Supposedly Dollar Tree has these things quite a bit and Ikea does but my Dollar tree doesnt carry any and I am not within 150 miles of an Ikea. There is an Ikea up near Jamie but if I asked him it would be two years before I got them...lol. I will just buy a couple and then get more as I can. I need to do a few more things ASAP too. My business cards, cello bags for packaging and setting up the website. I cant even start selling without those things. I have soap laying all over my house now. One thing that is irritating me is I have asked Tony to make me a simple miter box cutting box and he is too busy. I will end up buying one of them too.

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I love the Monkey Farts soap idea.

Also the idea of vanilla heart in strawberry soap.

Maybe that will be your niche, Janet. The center shape, its color and name and scent.




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Yeah...they only sell them in the stores. Probably because at Ikea they sell for less than 5 bucks. If you go on ebay then people are selling them for more than that. Im just gonna forget it. I am gonna get a piece of PVC pipe and make a long rod which I can just stick inside the soap and it will cut. If I happen to find any of these ice cube trays while out somewhere then I will grab them. I did find some that look like gum drops at a local drug store. Im hoping that the soap will release from it.