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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by standswithcourage, Mar 29, 2009.

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    I am reading a wonderful book. The name of it is Setting Boundaries with your Adult Child. It is by Allison Bottke. It has helped me tremendously already. I went flower shopping with my daughter today. She has a good eye for beautiful things - because she is beautiful. Anyway, it was so windy we about got blown away. I enjoyed my time with her. If you have any spare money and need a breakthrough - that book is for you. I started crying when I read some of it because it sounded like it was me writing it!
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    I will pick it up. Sounds like just what I need. Thanks.
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    It sounds like a good book. I am glad it has been helpful for you to read it. I am still working on The Bipolar Child and The Explosive Child (even though difficult child is 17, I find these beneficial; wish I would have known of them sooner!). No diagnosis of bipolar for my son as of yet (just recently admitted to a dual diagnosis treatment facility, we will see what they determine) but still can relate to what I have read in The Bipolar Child.

    I may pick up the book you suggested at some point. Thanks for the info!