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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Hound dog

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    At the moment my dsl is working perfectly. :D

    I have a feeling it's because I was just getting ready to call the phone company and scream at them.:tongue:

    (why does that always happen?)

    Has to be "their" problem because it does work sporadically and then not at all. If it were my problem, I doubt it would work ok at times. (wish the times it worked were longer than when it doesn't ugh)

    Poor Travis has been going crazy trying to figure out the problem. At first he thought it was our router, but no. He connected me directly to the wall, and it's the same story. So not the router. Has to be the dsl service.

    Now............If I can just find the darn number I'm to call. Bad part about paying online is you never receive a paper bill. Which is where I always get the phone numbers from. And husband usually deals with them because if it's too technical I have to drag either him or Travis to the phone to understand what to do anyway.

    Maybe I'll wait til this afternoon. husband is home by 2pm, and Travis will be awake by then. And they can listen to all the technical mumbo jumbo and figure it out.

    But it's really really frustrating.:mad: I don't go online a whole lot except to check my mail and come here. But darn it all, I'm not paying for something that is useless.

    I vaguely recall having this trouble sometime back and had to call. They got it sorted out on the phone. Hope they can again. They're usually quite good at it, and have excellent customer service. (I don't get sent to operators on the other side of the world)

    So while I'm here........Hi everyone!!:D
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    Put this in HWGA's law page!