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  1. Jena

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    so i was thinking and wondering

    if there was talk show during the day that was one that was centered around kids like our's. either one's with diagnosis's mental or physical handicaps and also difficult kids. a show that brought in experts pyschiatrists, therapists, behaviorists, also yoga, meditation, homeopathic, etc. to help provide support, information, etc.

    even one that would have clubs like a walking club, a reading club, etc. that in time would form in each state from the show. one that would also help with ideas at home to use, tips on how to handle the easy child's and the failing and beat up marriages from our chaotic lives...

    would you watch it? would you find that half hr or hr timeframe during the day to tune in or would you tape it? would that be comforting, helpful to you?

    what do you think?
  2. TeDo

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    I would ABSOLUTELY watch. Our difficult child issues would be enough to take up a whole hour show. What you're talking about wuld be a whole "miniseries" LOL. Great idea Jena. Let me know when it's on so I can tune in. :)
  3. Jena

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    lol wait i'll just do a reality show from my home they could def pop it on mtv LOL. :)
  4. shellyd67

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    I would be a faithful watcher of such a show. Everytime Dr. Phil or Oprah have a show with topics that relate to difficult child's I always make sure I tune in. Great idea. I think you should email your idea off to hollywood....
  5. Marguerite

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    It would depend on what topic is covered, or who is on. If I see Jenny McCarthy one more time, I'm likely to kick in the TV screen!

  6. HaoZi

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    I concur with Marg, and I'd have to be able to watch it online because I can't do it doing the day (can't tape it either).
  7. pepperidge

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    i watched supernanny the other day and couldn't help thinking as she was putting kids in time out and they were staying that I must have missed the whole lesson on kids obeying during time out and many other things. I think we ought to get supernanny to come of a few of our households. Now that would be interesting. Or maybe we ought to get our psychiatrists and tdocs to stay with our kids for about a month. forget the experts telling us what to do. let's see them actually do it.
  8. Marguerite

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    I'd like to see SuperNanny at our place too. However, in her defence - I remember seeing an episode where the kid clearly had problems that were beyond her usual skills. She adapted marvellously and changed tack. She did manage to get through, but also advised the parents to get him professional help, said there was more going on that was adding to the kid's frustration and behaviour problems. It was the only time I saw this on her show, but it was there. She went up in my estimation because of that.

  9. DammitJanet

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    I adore Supernanny and even loved the other Nanny show that isnt on anymore. I have seen both of them deal with kids with both physical and emotional issues with grace. They seem to know the difference. I have seen Supernanny actually set a parent down and explain to them what it is like for a child with ADHD and how the parents are making the situation worse by coming down too hard on them and she gives them good advice on how to help out at home. Very good on her. The other show helped a family that was fostering a whole family of special needs kid with really hard problems: downs kids, physically handicapped, bipolar...the whole gamut. It took 3 nanny's to help.

    I dont know if a daily show about kids with emotional or behavioral problems would fly. A weekly one might on something like Discovery Health which is now OWN. I would think that would fall under Dr Phil and his team though because Oprah owns that network now. Discovery Health did those shows on mentally ill kids for a month or so last year I think. Remember January who had schizophrenia?
  10. klmno

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    The one about the nanny is good when there are kids in the house who are young- I don't know how helpful it would be for adolescence or teens. I thought before that the two on Animal planet might be good for you regarding the dog problems. One is called something like 'it's me or the dog" and I don't remember the name of the other but I'm pretty sure there used to be another one with the same specialist giving in-home help to people with seeminglly out-of-control dogs. I usually love Dr P and watch any of his shows I can that pertain to adolescent and teen difficult child's. What I've found though is that he seems to usually advise Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or intensive counseling that of course, he offers to his guests but I'd never be able to afford and couldn't get for difficult child. The stuff he suggests is more along the lines of not letting the illness or whatever take down the family- reminding the parents that this is bigger than they are and also, to detach a little.
  11. AnnieO

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    Have you seen the one about strict parents? Where they will take a teenager and stick them in with a set of super strict parents? Onyxx thought it was hysterical. "I'd just slap her silly for telling me what to do!"

    Thank goodness we don't get that channel any more. That might work for typical teen issues, but not our kids.
  12. TerryJ2

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  13. Jena

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    i was just thinkiing about it, because there just aren't enough supports out there for parents like us or even typical teen parents. one that would give not just the medication info yet also behavioral approaches, and bring in ppl to show exactly how to do those holds when the kids flip, issues on siblings and their issues, marriages, there's soo muich you could branch off into. yea i see your point about it being daily wouldnt' fly maybe.

    I don't know was just thinking. i wrote up a bunch of junk a long time ago right after wedding and before difficult child got really sick. i sent it out a few networks were interested yet they said get an agent. i looked for one yet dropped the ball because life took over. i just thought what a great way to help ppl like us, even give links to dr's etc. have ross greenberg on, all the top ppl hardly none of us can afford to go to or insurance doesn't cover.

    i would of loved a guide or handbook some 5 years ago when gfgness hit our home lol.
  14. AnnieO

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    I wish the kids came with an owner's manual, too!!!! Like my car. How to turn the volume up or down on the stereo (aka vocal cords)... How to change the station (whining to giggling), how to turn it on and off (wake and sleep)...
  15. DDD

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    Although I understand the good intent I doubt I would be a viewer. There are a couple of reasons. The simple one is because I have an adversion to showing children in crisis. It might not effect all the kids negatively but I do believe it would impact many of them. Secondly I think we see daily on the Board that what works for one difficult child child does not work for another. We each have had to seek out multiple professionals in our attempt to help our child appropriately. I don't think that a vast viewing audience would understand the complexities...and friends/family would be likely to say "I knew X wasn't properly parenting!"

    Your idea is caring and creative, just as you are. Hope you wanted input that may not support the concept. DDD
  16. Jena

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    i see your point. did you think i meant show actual live stuff from people's homes? I didnt' mean that. I mean more of a team of ppl like i listed that would give info. they couldn't "fix" any of our kids or others. it would be more like informational sort of stuff. stuff i had to learn here or reading at the library when it first hit us. and yea behavioral approaches too. regardless any kid behavioral is a part of the mix of difficult child's too i think.

    maybe it would give families the opportunity to say wow our son daughter etc. needs our support. i never realized how complex it all was for them. maybe it would work different? be an eye opener. it's taken this that recently happened with-difficult child for them to admit yes there's something wrong. fo ryears i got the typical you arent' tough enough, you dont' do this right or that. i was in high judgement for years with-this kid and with easy child.

    than the **** hit the fan and everyone fell real silent. :)
  17. HaoZi

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    Something like The Doctors, but with a gearing towards multi-diagnosis kids like ours? That's what I was picturing. And they'd have to include some nice "How to keep your own sanity on a budget" pieces.
  18. Marguerite

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    I like the sound of that, HaoZi.

    Step, the sort of "World's Strictest Parents" show, I think you were talking about? There was an Australian host family on one show we watched - they were outback, literally hundreds of miles from anywhere. The kid took off in the car, but they knew there was not enough fuel to make it to civilisation, or even a main road. The main concern was that the kid might go off-road and it would take a chopper crew to find him. The kid actually only drove a short distance, to go cool off. Then he brought the car back, and after that all vehicle keys (including farm equipment such as tractors) were locked up. The farm's petrol bowser was already locked up - that is how come the car didn't have enough fuel.

    What bothers me about that show, is they only give the kids a week. They need a lot longer. In the outback, you can't be insubordinate and survive. Yours and other people's survival also depends on you being part of a team, even if you're a child. My father in law grew up this way, on an outback farm. I think there are work programs and apprenticeships that kids can apply for, to get themselves into a place over here. However, I don't think we have any wilderness programs as such. If you're interested, Google "jackaroo" and "jillaroo" programs.

  19. Jena

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    haozi yea exactly self care for parents also, links, resources stuff like that. i just think there are so many ppl out there in need of supports and dont' have them. ya know...? i never realized or even thought about any of this ofcourse til i had difficult child. ofcourse.......... cause anyone in my family with a mental health issue is in some serious denial and undiagnosed!!! LOL like my mom who sprays doorknobs when i come over and freaks if i leave a glass in wrong spot..... Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) anyone?? she says oh that's normal
  20. Marguerite

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    Normal for whom? Maybe a bit in our house too, but...

    it becomes dysfunctional when it interferes with enjoyment in life. Yours, or someone else's.

    I think we're developing a really good show pitch here. Anyone with connections to OWN?