Wow! A. I shocked me!


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I never expected it to work out that way. Not in a zillion years
or more. Did anybody else fall off their sofa???? DDD


(the future) MRS. GERE

but YES :faint:

Now, ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...............



(the future) MRS. GERE
BBK- we won't talk about specifics until tomorrow to allow the West Coast members to "enjoy" the surprise. Tune in tomorrow. :grin:



Now I wished I watched that show so I could know what all the hub-bub is!


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>I'm giving up on this show. It obviously doesn't rely on talent, it's just see how many votes you can get in one session. I have never understood why they let repeat voting in...

I know Melinda will do okay, but just can't believe she wasn't chosen for the final two. First it was Yau man(on Survivor), now Melinda....I'm going back to the real world now....</span>




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I have to wonder how much Simon's enthusiastic "endorsement" of Melinda may have actually hurt her? :confused:

I was surprised, too. If Melinda was shocked, and she must have been, she handled herself amazingly well under the circumstances.

I think, though, that she will do fine. And, sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't actually be an easier road if you did come in 2nd or 3rd in the competition rather than win it. I know that the top 10 are all under a contractual obligation to AI for a certain length of time, but the winner's obligation must be far longer than those of the runner-ups. She may benefit from the exposure without being 'tied down' to AI. Plus, we already know Simon likes her - he may already have told her he would get her a contract no matter what.

Next week should be interesting.


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I'm bummed. Shocked and bummed. I really liked her. She'll have an amazing career.

How'd you like Elliot....he's really good. I like his look a lot better, but he needs to trim the bangs away.


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I thought it would be Melinda and Jordin. I thought Jordin would win as she may be more popular with the younger generation. But BLAKE?? I just don't see it.

I rarely watch tv but I got into Idol with my kids. That's it. With summer coming...I'm back to my books!


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Yeah, I was NOT happy! I am so over Blake and his beat boxin'.

As for Elliot, I love his new look-with the hair and fixed teeth, he no longer looks like the little garden gnome-he is actually kinda cute.


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I have to admit, that I was surprised a little, but then again ... people have mentioned over and over that Melinda would not be able to be packaged as well as either Jordin or Blake.

There have been many contestants through the seasons that have been eliminated that were very talented. Tamyra Gray comes to mind, as does Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtery, etc. Sanjaya stayed and better singers were eliminated. The same thing has happened in other years with the redhead, John Stevens, and that Chicken Little. I know some of you were Taylor Hicks fans last season, but I wasn't and was stunned that he made it into the finals, let alone won.

I thought Blake was incredible a few weeks ago. He totally wow'd me. Do I think he has the best singing voice? No, but then again, he sang Maroon 5 better than Maroon 5 sang live last night. lol. A studio can do amazing things, and it's all about selling cd's. Blake resembles Maroon 5, 311, and more alternative bands like that. My daughter and her college roommates love him. They said it's because they would buy a cd of his music, but would have no interest in Melinda's type of music, and depending on what genre Jordin ends up in, maybe not hers either. It's all just a matter of musical taste.

Just my perspective on it. What one person likes, another dislikes. That doesn't mean they aren't talented. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.