Wow...guess everyone is watching...


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Abbey....Survivor was Sunday night. :smile:

Monday night we were all watching "Dancing With the Stars" and/or "The Bachelor" and/or "24". :rofl:



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lol I still am being forced against my will to watch 24. ARRGH I did drink a glass of chardonnay (not my fav)
why oh why does it take so long to give you so lil info?
how can the CTU (counter terrorist unit) get invaded by terrorists??? LMAO
Wow, I just can't get into those shows. And more and more, it looks like I am the one who is the freak.

I watch American Idol (sometimes). I like House. Last summer, difficult child and I got into watching So You Think You Can Dance. That's about it.

Of course, we only have one TV, so it is usually tuned to Nickelodeon. I heart Spongebob.


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I'm probaby the only person alive who hasn't watched any of these shows! I'm more of an "Antiques Roadshow" kind of person, I guess.

I used to watch almost no network TV, especially during baseball season, but now there's just a few that I do watch. I would never miss "Greys Anatomy", of course. And I watch "My Name Is Earl" because it makes me laugh until I'm practically in tears! I laugh until my dogs are looking at me funny, trying to figure out what's wrong with me! And I like "Medium" a lot, but it's usually half over before I remember that it's on.

And Heaven help anyone who would be foolish enough to try to come between me and those last few episodes of "The Sopranos"! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


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I'm not a channel flicker, so whatever is on. If I'm the only one home, it's the Animal Channel. :smile: I like some of those shows, but can't keep track of what day and time they come on, let alone whether *I* am at home during that time.

I was just a bit lonely last one on. :frown:



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husband and I are still watching the Sopranos, too. We have watched religiously through the years and don't miss an episode - especially now that there are so precious few left.

I have to say that I've been a bit disappointed the last few weeks. I expected the last episodes to be full of shocks, twists and turns. Finally this past Sunday it got interesting with Tony snuffing out Christopher just as easily as you might squish a spider in a kleenex. THAT was shocking.

Who knows how they will end it. Guess we will just have to wait it out a few more weeks. Wonder if they will leave us hanging - leave the future to our imaginations - or if they will hint or flash forward? I hate it when great shows end - they either disappoint you or leave you wanting more, which you know you won't get. Jeesh. Makes me not want to watch anything but reality TV - you know that's only temporary.