WOW! High Schooler Cures Cancer!

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    I recently came across this article and it is amazing! A 17yo high school girl taught herself to understand doctoral level biochemistry papers and then came up with a way to cure cancer. She won the Siemens science contest which is $100,000 plus a lot of recognition. Her idea is amazingly simple and complex all at once.

    She mixed cancer medications with a polymer and attached it to a nanoparticle that can be seen on MRIs. First it was to help figure out exactly where the tumors are. Then she figured out to melt the polymer with infrared light. This delivers the medications to the tumor and leaves healthy cells alone. In mice it works amazingly well.

    Seems it will take years to get to human trials, but WOW if this works it could mean a whole new approach in cancer treatment.

    All from a 17yo girl who is learning to drive and loves shoes.

    This was NOT a school project - she did this outside of school and even talked her way into Stanford's research labs and doing her own research there!

    We see a lot of the other end of kids, and in my opinion this is absolutely wonderful.

    Calif. HS student devises possible cancer cure - CBS News
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    OMG! That is AWESOME! And she didn't even do it as a science project? What an amazing kid.
    LOVE it. Thank you!
    by the way, I hope if it works it humans, the doctors and scientists name the treatment after her. :)
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    Pretty Awesome.

    It's good to know we still are managing to raise kids able to think for themselves.
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    wow! I hope she continues to do her research and comes up with cures for many other illnesses/diseases. She deserves a trip to Disney World!