WP that won't walk

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Apr 22, 2009.

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    We had to get a second zpack AND prednisone. Ugh. Manster was up half the night. But we need to get his peak flow number back up within the safe range. I'm sending him to school but he's off for the next 4 days. Tomorrow is take your child to work day so hopefully he'll but up for that (he's soo excited about it, he loves coming to work with me).

    Thank goodness this condition is of the walking variety. I'm letting him take it easy this week, not making him read or do swimming. In many ways he's a tough kid.

    Sorry I haven't been as available to support everyone this past week. I often read even when I dont have time to post and send positive thoughts and prayers as I do.


  2. smallworld

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    ML, sometimes a stronger antibiotic than a zpack is needed for pneumonia. Several years ago, my husband was rxed a zpack for pneumonia, and three days in his fever spiked again. His doctor then rxed a stronger broad-spectrum antibiotic (I think Augmentin). If manster isn't significantly better, you might want to ask your pediatrician about switching the antibiotic.
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    Ceftin is what my pediatrician uses. I should know--one fall all three of my kids came down with pneumonia one right after the other.:rolleyes: It was brutal.

    That was for regular pneumonia though, not the walking variety.
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    Hi, ML! Sorry I missed this news about Manster before now- I'm very sorry to hear he's sick with this. I had it twice before and both times I was ordered to bed rest for about 4-7 days. I think the term "walking" just means that the person doesn't require hospitalization. A shot of penicillan in the rear is the quickest route to a turning point with it. I hope he gets plenty of rest and feels better soon.
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Ugh is right. That's not good :( Poor kid! Are his numbers better today? Watch him closely, that's not something to mess with, especially these kids with asthmatic tendencies. Hope he feels better soon!
  6. ThreeShadows

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    husband had WP when he was in medical school, he was sick as a dog and coughing up blood. Isn't this a contagious disease? Why are they letting him go back to school?
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    difficult child use to get it yearly. Since he was 18 months old. Seems like once he had it then it reoccurred every year. They always did chest x-rays and always blood work. I was told that there are only certain medications that work for walking pneumonia.
    I was under the impression if I remember (been a few years now) that it is contagious. Is it?
  8. ML

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    Yes it is contagious. He's been on the zpack for 7 days now but technically he is still contagious. I left work early to pick him up after school and before daycare. He was so happy to see me. His peak flow is a little better, it's inching upwards TG! Thanks everyone. ML
  9. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    ML, I'm curious what his numbers are when he's sick vs. a typical day when he's healthy?

    How did they diagnosis the WP? Did they do a chest xray?

    I'm wondering if that's why difficult child 1 is feeling so crummy and coughing again... he called at noon today to have me come pick him up again. I took his peak flow and he couldn't get it above 250 (I think it was closer to 220 or 230). Then I gave him albuterol and Advair 500, waited a bit, and he got the number up to 330 after three tries. I've called the doctor's office but they still haven't called back. Plus, he's been on Augmentin for over a week now!
  10. totoro

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    I'm sorry he's still fighting this. Poor kid.
    I luckily know nothing about these things.

    I can send get well wishes though.
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    Poor kiddo! I sure hope he is feeling better soon.
  12. ML

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    Thanks everyone,

    He typically blows 300+. He was 200 at his worst and on Tuesday was up to 230. Today he blew 250 but that prednisone is brutal. Hyperactive boy meeting steroids is no fun lol.

    They did *not* do a chest xray and so basically it's an educated guess because xrays are the only way to know for sure. Also, the doctor said "it has been going around". Actually I had the allergy doctor see him the second time and she confirmed what the primary doctor said. I'm supposed to call on Friday to let her know how he is doing. I want to take him to work with me tomorrow but I'm not sure if I should, mostly because of the contagious factor.

  13. smallworld

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    Very rarely do you need an X-ray to confirm pneumonia. Doctors can hear pneumonia sounds (crackling, decreased breath sounds) through a stethoscope and diagnose it that way. My own kids have always been diagnosed without a chest X-ray.
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    Poor Manster!
    I agree with the others that if the zpac isn't making a dent he needs something stronger.

    I had WP when I came home from the hospital with Little easy child. No fun at all! (Although I did drop the preggo weight in a hurry)

    Hope that Manster's strong enough to participate in Take Your Child to Work Day today, and that the steroids are not making him totally bonkers.