Yaaaay! Little League


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I am mtng with-the coach tonight at 5:30 to sign up difficult child. My persistence paid off. (I ran around like a maniac this weekend... there are 2 fields and you have residency requirements but no one explained that... the coach wasn't there, ph calls back and forth, driving to and fro, etc.)

I know it's going to be a pain going to games in all weather (I was far more into it when he took ice skating and horseback riding, because, well, that's what I like, brat that I am, but I did it for soccer a cple yrs ago and sometimes brought a camera, other times brought a book to read, so we all survived. (I still wish I'd gotten a shot or video of the time his team lost when he and another boy both stopped to pick flowers, aka dandelions, for a cute little girl on the team, in the middle of the field, as the ball rolled through their legs and all the parents screamed at them to kick it. It still makes me laugh!)

This will wear him out if they really make him work, and he desperately needs to run off steam. I was disappointed today when he signed up for after-school board games and Legos instead of beginning track... but this opportunity makes me feel better. Plus, now I can tell well-meaning relatives and friends to bug off when they tell me to get him involved in sports! :warrior:
I hope difficult child enjoys Little League and releases lots of steam while playing!!! Maybe he'll even come home exhausted and you'll get some peaceful evenings (or what's left of them - Little League games can go very late where I live). Keep us posted. WFEN


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It's always good when we can get them involved in things. I hope it helps him and keeps your relatives quiet for a while .

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I hope he loves the baseball!! Wrestling has been great for my difficult child-it's done at the end of March-he needs something new for the rest of the school year-me on the oth-I'm glad it's almost done-it is tiring taking him to practice and meets-but worth it.


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They have Little League for 15 year olds? I thought it would only be available through the schools at that age. That is how it is here.

Good luck and enjoy - they are only young once. You will someday wish to go watch them do something productive. I miss watching my difficult child do soccer, bsaeball, cheerleading - now she does Phone and TV. That is about it.


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You may have misread that... my bio daughter is 15. My difficult child is 10. He's in the AA actual batting team (As opposed to machine fed for little kids).
Bio daughter, by the way, is taking lifeguard classes 2x a wk until 10 pm., and Sat. 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
It lasts a month. It's only her first wk and we're already tired! It will be worth it in the end. It's a good summer job.


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Sports were the best thing for my boys when they were young. Yeah we were kept busy as all get out running from hither and yon taking each kid from field to field for practices and games but it is the one thing I miss the most and I am looking forward to so much with the grandkids. I simply cannot wait till Kiki is old enough start chasing a soccer ball around a field when she is 4...lol.