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    First the good news, Piglet has "graduated" from Special Education!!! She is getting almost all As (one B+) with no accomodations nor modifications :smile:

    I insisted on a 504 being written since she is moving up to the older kids building in the fall and all the increased demands for attention and organization may be hard for her.

    The school tried to get me to accept their "Success" program instead. I declined saying I wanted her legally supported and wanted a 504, that I preferred to do things according to Special Education law. The school psychiatric said "Yeah, I got that this year." Least they are getting it.

    We had to suspend Tigger's IEP meeting yesterday because the Sped director wanted to check with transportation to see if they were able to start transporting him on a short bus to/from school. I very firmly explained that I didn't care if they wanted to or not, that the IEP team had just agreed that this intervention was needed due to school anxiety/phobia and I didn't care how Transportation did it. A bus needed to show up at my house on Monday. (We had gone through this last year when the team agreed that Tig needed a 1:1 aide and the sped director said she had to get the Superintendent's permission first. Again, the Sup. is not on the IEP team, his opinion is irrelevant. That meeting all of the staff sided with me and we wrote it in without his permission.)

    They brought out the limited number of buses and funds. I told them that if they needed to start cancelling optional programs such as band in order to pay for legally required Special Education services, then that is what they needed to do.

    So, while I can tell that the sped staff have had their fill of me this Spring (8 meetings in 2 months for my 4 kids). I can tell that the regular staff are glad that I fight hard to get them what they need to do their jobs with my kids :smile:

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    GOOD FOR YOU!!!! :warrior: :warrior: :warrior:

    Special Education is not socially just because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. However, that is a general statement.

    For your kids, you squeak very well. The more success you have with knowing "the letter of the law," the less they will fight you.

    The line about cutting optional regular ed programs is legal and true--but not popular. Too bad the school psychologist is negative toward an informed parent.

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    I think this should be posted in General for its informational value.
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    Whew! That's a lot of IEP meetings.

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    Way To Go!
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