Yeah - this is starting off well...


Well, THAT didn't take long.

Before even being here for 48 hours for Christmas Break, difficult child managed to:

- Steal an old iPhone from her grandfather's desk
- Steal the above iPhone AGAIN from ME after I confiscated it (this was before grandfather noticed it was missing, before I knew the truth about where it had come from)
- Lie, lie, lie, deny, deny, deny
- Kiss my rear all day Thursday in an effort to deflect suspicion
- Scream "F you!" and various incarnations thereof at her father and I after the whole truth came out.

Holy moly.

All this AFTER the principal of her school called us and asked us to pick her up early for Christmas Break because of her behavior and attitude, saying that difficult child didn't deserve to participate in the "fun" holiday activities of the last 2 days of school. They are having trouble with her because she doesn't care about consequences, and the principal said that in asking her to leave early, she was hoping to give difficult child the message that the school does have authority.



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Yep. Stuff went missing in our house too. 37 also memorized my ex's credit card and raised quite a bill, buying both videogames and pay-for-porn (he was underage). Now understand that 37 was homele3ss after he got kicked out and my ex paid for vaious low dive, but dry and warm motels for him before he finally moved back up to our area and bought a nice condo JUST SO 37 HAD A PLACE TO LIVE.

I warned him. I did. At the same time, I wanted 37 to live with him because then I didn't have to feel guilty that I'd made him leave.

What a disaster. 37 was at his worst during those years and once even called me to ask if the FBI ever visits in the middle of the night. He wouldn't tell me why he asked. He also shoved my ex a few times and brought girls home to do the deed with when ex wasn't home. Ex is a moral prude and that way against his rules. But what were rules?

Rules were made to be broken. If it helps, 37 seems to be doing a lot better. Perfect? No. But now that he is in his later 30's (yes, it seems to have taken this long) he is doing quite well UNLESS he is under extreme stress. THEN he goes ballistic, but that may not happen again for a very long time...I hope.

I feel your pain. I am not surprised though.


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As most of you know, my difficult child lives with his father, for now. I'm waiting for him to kick him out just any day. Our difficult child steals from his father and pawns his stuff for cash. I don't know why he allows it. My new husband almost refuses to let my difficult child visit our home because he doesn't trust him. We adopted him at birth. Despite all his issues, this is NOT okay. He was brought up better and knows right from wrong. It still astounds me. I'm so sorry for what you're going thru; I'm living it, too.


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There are times I almost wish my ex was still alive...almost. At least I'd have someone to blame.

Greenrene...I hope things even out over the holiday. Hang in there.

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What a mess. I am so sorry you are having to deal with all that. I remember many times just like this with my own difficult child who will be 34 next month. In spite of all your difficult child is putting you through I wish you peace and a calm spirit and I hope you will have good Christmas.