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    *sigh* LOL Hi all! Its me Jerri... WOW that was a gut punch! I was looking for some of my articles and I got the "You have insufficient privileges to reply here" message! OKAY I get it... I am NEW HERE LOL I created a trilogy of articles for this forum, and was just looking them up for an Educator Friend of mine. I am not as offended as I am coming across to those of you who don't know me... the articles I wrote were, The Parent Report Outline, Fix it Once Fix it WRITE, and The ODD IEP and 504. I have found some variants of my originals... perhaps they are stored somewhere I cannot locate or access because of my restricted access. Its GREAT to see this board alive and well, and being such an enduring source of comfort. My love to you all, and best wishes! as always: Hugs N Love!!! and *smooches* (I added the kissing after I became a Grandma LOL)
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    Hi Jerri. Nice to meet you. I've been the admin here for the past few years and am familiar with some of the very helpful posts you wrote in the late 90's. The database from that time was deleted before I got here, but fortunately there are versions of the posts that you're looking for that were archived by the mods.

    The Parent Report Outline - http://www.conductdisorders.com/community/threads/parent-report-updated.225/

    Fix it Once Fix it WRITE - http://www.conductdisorders.com/community/threads/fix-it-once-fix-it-write.56262/

    The ODD IEP and 504 - http://www.conductdisorders.com/community/threads/classroom-teacher-modifications-for-odd.633/
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    Hey Jeri! I know I had most of your posts archived but some may have been lost. I know I used to have some of them but I have probably been through 3 computers since I needed them so I seriously doubt I still have them. I do think I have my copies of PICO's posts though. I got some wild hair and stored them on google docs.
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    Good Morning Bunny,
    Nice to meet you! Thank you for your reply! The Board has certainly gone thru its changes... who woulda thunk it would be here new and improved some 16 years later! The board seems very organized... and I certainly understand if things got lost and misplaced! I did a walk-a-bout on the forums and posts yesterday and realized it might be time to do some serious updating... with those who knew me in the day, those who wandered in out of the storm along the way and it was clear to me my own sense of reality needed some dusting! I think Abb's or maybe even Fran may have a clean copy... why I never thought to keep a copy is beyond me? LOL I am pretty sure there are paper copies in my dusty boxes from back in the day! Thanks for "keeping the light on" Bunny... (and everyone else who has kept watch) nice to come home and reminisce you know! I promise to do an update very soon, I think it will be very cathartic for me to do so. Thanks again!!! Hugs n Love!!! *smooches*
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    Dammit Janet!!! WHAT?? LOL I still LOVE saying that! (giggling) How the Hector are you? I just cant believe you haven't kept all my infamous words, under lock and key and at the ready should I need to find them in an instant!!! What on EARTH has been more important than ME? Wow YOU look GREAT!!! You truly are amazing, hanging in here wild hairs and all... *sigh* Pico... I have a folder, always thought someday I might write about a time when that one crossed my path. Her and of course her Sissy. I did come across pictures of the 1st ODD Picnic, that brought back some treasured memories. Have I said I LOVE YOU? LOL Cause I just gotta! We will have to catch up soon. Thank you for your reply... I walked around here yesterday and felt like I was in a big office building all by myself! I shouted and everything... and nobody even yelled at me! LOL Thank you again! I mean it! Your awesome! Hugs n Love!!! *smooches*
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    I was browsing through some text files on the server and came across what appears to be an unedited copy of your Parent Report. I posted it below the version that Fran had posted. Here's a link: http://www.conductdisorders.com/community/threads/parent-report-updated.225/#post-631321
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    Hey Jerri! Good to "see" you. Just wanted to say hello. Congrats on becoming a grandmother. It's lovely, isn't it, to have grandchildren. I won't tell you how many I have, but it is a very large number and more on the way. Also my second great-grandchild is on the way next month!

    Love, Esther
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    I think you've told us all in your signature Esther - 23. Wow :)
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    Lucy J.,

    I see it's time for me to update my signature -- I am now 69, and am expecting grandchild no. 30!!!!! I can't believe it. And yes, if you're asking -- I DO remember all their names and more or less their ages, but I DON'T remember all their birthdays. Not a very nice grandma. But if I'm reminded, I do give them something!

    Love, Esther
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    30! Double Wow then! :)
    My husband and I have 5 children between us, ranging in age from 30 to 10, but no grandchildren yet. I'm amazed that you can remember all their names, that's quite a feat. I'm sure you're a very nice grandma.
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    Jerri, glad to see you back! I came here briefly in 1999 and then returned for good in 2003. When I requested an evaluation for my son the first time in 2004, I used your parent report for the child study team at school and subsequently gave it to all his health care providers. As he moved along in school, I did a one page version for his teachers. I still have the original with his gap-toothed smile on the cover!

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    Jerri - good to see you here again. I only drop in occasionally these days. difficult children are grown and the grands are their problem LOL It is always good to hear from some of the other "old-timers."
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    JERRI!!!! *runs up and throws arms around you for big smooches*

    Holy moly lady it's good to see you again!! :D It's been far far too long. Glad to see you're doing well.

    Love n Hugs

    Hounddog aka TMom ;)