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    difficult child and her old man boyfriend (the one with the two boys) are looking for a new apartment because their current landlord is taking over the entire building to turn it into a dance studio for his daughter....and the best part is 1) I do not feel compelled to offer them our home in the interim....and 2) they have two dogs that I am deathly allergic to so even if I did feel compelled, I couldn't allow it. I initially suggested she move home and let him move back in with his parents (and the dogs) until they find something suitable...but then I siggested that they BOTH move in with his parents until they find a new place!! Guess what? His mom won't let them move in there unless they give up one of the dogs (the pitbull) because she is afraid of him.

    I feel so gooooooood about not feeling guilty about this. Yeah me!

    On another note, I hope they're able to find something suitable. Heh heh heh.
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    Wow. Someone has a pretty spoiled daughter. I mean to turn over something that is making you money just for her to have a dance studio.............. Or is it just me that thinks that might be a tad "out there" ? Of course I know there are people in the world with so much money they feel compelled to waste it.

    Good for you Jo!! It's their problem, let them figure it out.

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    I was gonna say

    YOU -

    but this is also fantastic news. GO DETACHMENT WARRIOR!