You never know what to expect....

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    .....when difficult child comes home.


    He pretty much spent the weekend with friends this weekend. Supposedly he spent the night at a friend's house all weekend but I'm not sure where he bounced around too.

    Anyway....he walked in the door today with....dyed black hair, two safety pins in his lip (home made "snake bite") and what looked to be either a poorly done home made tattoo on his chest or a brand. Turns out that the thing on his chest was supposed to be a tat but difficult child decided that his friend couldn't draw so he scratched it off. I'm still not sure if he just scratched off the initial pattern or if he actually got the tat and tried to scratch that off.

    husband convinced him to take the safety pins out because of infection but he wants to have it done again.

  2. klmno

    klmno Active Member might be a good idea to ask what "tools" were used to do these things. He might need to see a dr for a tetanus shot or something.
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    Fortunately he's current on his tetnus....comes with visiting the ER every fall for five years! LOL

    I'll be keeping an eye on his lip though. He has what I think is a boil on his back that I need to get him in for so I may mention the lip while we are there.
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    I'm a little concerned about the chest, too. It's hard to tell from the photo but if that's cut his skin, will he at least keep neosporin on it?
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    That will be hit or miss.
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    Cory did things like that from around 16 on up to 19. He would pierce his own ears on a regular basis because the hole he had had since age 6 would close up when he didnt wear earrings. Then he added new holes. I think he did his lip or eye brow one time but took it out after a day or two. He tried scratching something into his arm once but I told him if he ever did that again or pierced another part of his body except the original hole I would consider it self mutilation and send him inpatient. Now he has one tat he paid for and one jail house tat and his ear that he sometimes keeps open.
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    Onyxx did this with her upper right ear cartilage and then once in her lip. She also back in June cut her boyfriend's name into her arm. This is the guy she dumped two weeks ago. Saturday she asked me if we could get some scar diminishing cream, and if she needed to earn the money to pay for it what could she do.

    I bought it. I need it too, for the mess where my two moles were biopsied.

    Kid's getting smarter...

    on the other hand, hair grows. Piercings can heal. The tat/brand... Well, I have some stuff called "scarzone" that might help! You can get it at Meijer or Wal Mart. The ink, on the other hand, you can do nothing about.
  10. totoro

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    Is he my Brother? My Brother though only did his own piercing's. Many all over his body. When he tried to show me the one he did down.... there. I had to say, uh, NO. it was bad enough he always showed me his Scary Joker Face that was very close to his... thing.

    I did all 8 of my piercing's with a pin. They were fine.
    Still he looks pretty good with the lips!
    How does the kissing feel with those in?
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    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Totoro!!! LOL

    husband made difficult child take the lip pins out because he was worried about infection. We told him he could get it done by a professional IF he earned the money. We aren't going to pay for it.

    If the tat still shows.....not my problem. He was the idjit that let someone scratch ink into his skin.
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    My daughter has huge sanke bites (did herself). She is very into the pericing stuff. Sheapplied ofr a job at Pac Sun. They said she would have to take the snake bites out when working. She thought that was descrimation becsue tongue, ear, nose are allowed. :) Compassion