You should have seen husband's face...

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poor guy. He decided he needed to make a run out to the mall this morning & invited kt & I along for kt's "unmentionable" purchases. Yup, you guessed it - new bras.

I certainly wasn't at top notch but was okay with this. husband left kt & I in lingerie while he popped over to the store he needed to visit. He came back to a hysterical kt screaming "THERE'S NOTHING BUT OLD LADIES BRAS IN THIS STORE! from the dressing room."

Not sure what kt meant by this - all I know is that either nothing fit or it wasn't padded enough for that all important nipple coverage.

So ladies - a word to the wise. The only store that doesn't carry old lady bras is Victoria's Secret & I'm not even going there.


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Okay, I confess... since my surgery, I've been shopping at Victoria's Secret. They have a bra that has no underwire, it's thick enough that you have good coverage for those inevitable air conditioning moments, and it comes in all colors.
I don't know what Kt was looking for but you may have to sit outside the store and read a book while she shops.
Once she finds something she tries on and it fits her, she can order online after that and save you all the effort.

by the way, Haynes makes better, cheaper panties that are just as sexy--totally French bikini cut.

Good luck!

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Sure you weren't shopping with Nichole??? :rofl: :rofl:

Wallie world has some pretty nice padded bras. But you have to really watch for them cuz they go fast. I was lucky to find these for Nichole. They don't look "old ladyish" and are comfortable. There is a choice of underwire or not. And they aren't a name brand. I found them by accident.

I suspect they are the favorite of the teens here in town. lol
If you have a Nordstrom's, you might go there. The selection is very good and the salespeople actually do know how to fit you for a bra. They do have beautiful bras, matching sets, etc. I'm pretty ... uh.. frugal (others in the house use a different word) but go to Nordstrom's for bras. I have a philosophy that you shouldn't skimp on your bra, your shoes or your mattress, because you spend so much time with them.

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:rofl: :rofl:Thankfully easy child finds what she needs at JC Penneys! I bet you and husband will remember this shopping trip for years to come! :rofl: :rofl:

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The only place that sells bras that fit me correctly are at VS. I hate that store and all it seems to stand for, but alas, they sell the bra that fits. difficult child buys her own undies there because I will only buy inexpensive undies that do the job at places like Kohls. She wants that racy crap, she can pay for it. Ditto with easy child. She has a bust like mine, so only VS bras for her...sometimes GapBody, which is just as expensive, just not as raunchy, in my opinion.

Poor kt - I could just hear the


Here we go again!
I've sadly outgrown anything a retail store has to offer (I thought breasts were supposed to get smaller after nursing three kids!) :rolleyes:

There's a great online lingerie retailer called -- they offer just about every size imagineable AND their bras are very pretty (which can also sometimes mean expensive -- but if they fit and they last, for me it's worth it), very NON-old-ladyish! They also have a very good page to help you make sure you order the right size for the best fit.


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Actually Kohl's has a wide selection of name brands and styles. I was shocked actually.

I have never even tried on a VS bra. I just know I would love it and I can not afford it. As it is I can not get a bra for less than $30 ever - last time I checked VS is much more than that.


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Believe it or not, Kanga likes the bras from Kmart best. Very cheap, only $11, cheaper on sale. Course she things VS is gross still, I'm sure that will change LOL.


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I am curious, what is "an old ladys bra"? I know my dtrs have no difficulty at all finding all kinds of cute, young, bras in all kinds of stores, WalMart, KMart, Target, Kohls etc. It is actually me who has difficulty. I cannot find plain bras nor my size. ANd VS? No way! VS has not had ones big enough for my size ever. My daughters also have difficulty finding their size at VS.


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If you have some outlet malls near you, they have cute girl's bras at places like Jockey, Hahnes or Bali outlets. She might like the Jockey brand. They look really cute and comfortable. Unfortunately, none of that stuff fits me anymore either. Victoria Secret has nothing comfortable for me either. They want to push everything up and out and I'd be afraid I'd knock someone out if I wore something that pushed me up and out!


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PS, I want to add, I have been so blessed and lucky. Growing up- I would send my younger bro to store to buy me - personal products for "that time of month" and he would go. My husband also went...........and recently my easy child dtr came from shopping trip with her boyfriend and his bro where all the kids went and bought their own back to school clothes, including the "unmentionables" and then they all proudly showed me their purchases. Not a one of them seemed uncomfortable showing off their personal purchases to me and husband and my other 2 kids. LOL. Then they even engaged in a conversation about boxers vs briefs, LOL. Oh and they all used their own money to make their purchases. (I did not tell easy child she had to, LOL)

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We have a VF Outlet nearby where I have found a wonderful but inexpensive line of bras for "fuller figures", as the saying goes. They would definitely "old lady bras" in a 12 year old's mind but I find some are too....youthful (sexy?) for this old lady. As far as I can determine, it's a line produced by Vanity Fair for the outlets because I can't find them online. All less than $20, IIRC; the plain ones I like are less than $10. Sizes go up to DDD in most styles. Can't remember if there were any larger. But most (all?) styles are in the 40's size wise. All styles are underwire; some have version without underwires.

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VS discriminates against women with bigger busts. :grrr:

Well, I will admit that I am a 36B, pathetic I know, but after nursing both daughter's for a year, well, what can I say? I need the added 'lift', but I don't buy the super push up bras, because like you said, it's just too much! Haha

My friend buys her bras at VS, however, and she's a 36DD. She said she prefers a brand they sell at Macy's best, but the VS ones will do the job as well. Most of their models these days are actually quite busty - you might be surprised by their new lines.

The bra I buy is around $36 - too much for a teen obviously, but not for me. At this stage of my life, I try not to skimp on myself any more than I need to. I've earned a decent bra. Nothing at Kohls or JC Penney or Macy's fits me. And believe me, I've tried. You know who USED to have a GREAT bra - Fredericks of Hollywood. They've discontinued it and closed our local store. I used to wear dark glasses and a hat whenever I went in - now, that place is raunchy. Hahaaa


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LOL, I forgot about fredericks. My poor dtrs need 36 daughter and 40 daughter and for a short time, due to medications, I needed a 46 daughter.
One day while discussing bras, I said heck no, I will not wear a push up- I do not need a shelf under my chin!


Before I put the weight on, I could have bought my bras in the little girls department. VS doesn't carry many A cups...and the ones they did carry had so much padding that they were uncomfortable. They were supposed to lift and push, but come on...there wasn't enough there to lift. They did have one style that I liked and I would order it online, but of course then they discontinued it. Now that I've put the weight on and have made it to a B, I can fit into VS bras, but can't afford them! LOL I have found some very nice, comfortable and very girly (read: not old lady bra, but not overtly sexy) bras at Kohl's.

I hate, hate, hate shopping for bras. I'll do it once every couple of years and when I find one that fits, I buy several so I don't have to go through the experience again.

Now, shoes...I could shop for shoes every day. I walk into DSW and my eyes just glaze over. :rofl:


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ROFL, I also hate shopping for shoes. I wear a womens size 11.......most shoes go up to size 10. LOL.I do not mind shopping for pants tho, LOL- I only wear a 14 in those (except most of the time they are way way too short)
I am still wondering what is considered an old lady bra? all white? plain? Underwire? Gosh all I see when I look at bras are wild colors , thick materials, and cutesy but itchy straps.


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LOL, something else just occured to me. LOL. I never have been someone who likes to go to a mall. If I am gonna be walking across so far, I prefer to go to a park or zoo.....and I like shopping carts- to put my stuff in, and to toss little kids in..LOL. The mall always seemed SOOO BIG to me. When the kids were little, I found it so hard to handle the kids plus purchases, and dealing with strolelr in parking lot etc. So much easier to just dash into local KMart, use a cart, be closer to car..and limit the expansive space. LOL.


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This thread is cracking me up! :rofl: I used to work for Maidenform & went through training to be a "personal bra fitter". The men were the funniest customers, they'd never have a clue about the size they were looking to buy. Invariably, they point to a passing shopper and say "About her size, I guess!". :hammer: Or, they'd ask you to model something! :nonono:
Linda, I agree with Loth. She may find something she likes at the Hanes, Leggs, Bali outlets. And by the way, there's a big difference between a padded bra and a lined bra! :wink: