1. Wiynter

    New here, exhausted, and at the end of my tether

    Well, to make a really long story sort of short, a year ago today difficult child was released from her first psychiatric hospital stay for brandishing a knife at herself and her stepdad, and threatening to kill herself because the dogs interrupted her youtube viewing. Things seem to have only gotten worse. She may not...
  2. JKF

    Minipress and Cogentin

    Does anyone here have any experience with these medications? The psychiatrist from the psychiatric hospital that difficult child was admitted to just called and asked for permission to put him on these medications. I looked them up and it looks like Minipress is used for high blood pressure but can also be used to treat PTSD. She wanted to...
  3. S

    procentra update

    I haven't posted here in a while. My last post I was asking about an adhd medication called procentra. He started this a few weeks ago. I can't really tell much of a difference in his behavior at home. He is in summer school and I did not give it to him the first day. I have given it to him each...
  4. TerryJ2

    Lithium is really helping difficult child at the therapist

    difficult child's lithium has been increased to 300 mg in the a.m. and 300 in the p.m. It makes a huge difference to have him on lithium, and the increases are working well (no welts like we had with-the Seroquel). He is so much more articulate at the therapist's office. He hates to sit in front, which is part...
  5. crazymama30

    Yep, hypomanic, hopefully we will nip it

    So I posted earlier about difficult child not sleeping well. Now? He is amped up, irritable, driven, and hyper. Moving from one thing to the next. The irritability leaves at times, but comes back or has been today. He sees therapist on Tuesday and psychiatrist on Thursday. It is nice as since they both work out of...
  6. JJJ

    Tongue Thrusting

    Ugh ugh ugh! Eeyore has been on Geodon for 4 days and he woke up this morning with tongue thrusting. So he can't take Risperdal (lactated) or Geodon (td) and insurance no longer covers Abilify or Seroquel and our doctor hates Zyprexa and won't even talk about the old school APs...
  7. Wiped Out

    difficult child psychiatric hospital update

    We had a meeting with the psychiatrist and the sw at the hospital today. difficult child has been having some side effects from the Depakote. He's been on it before but not with the combo of medications. He has been walking with a shuffle and drooling quite a bit. They have lowered some of his other medications and are now...
  8. S

    bad reaction to risperidone?

    I am new here, so I'll try not to make this too long. Here's our background. We have a 10 year old non verbal autistic child. During the summer he started having horrible fits of rage all day long. We finally decided to take him to a psychiatric dr. He was being incredibly aggressive at school...
  9. E

    New Member, can use advice,

    got a feeling you've all heard this one before! difficult child son is 15, oppositional from day 1, but a very sweet kid when he's not having a tantrum. Always needed a "pacifier" (toy trucks, batman figures, etc). Was diagnosed ADD, executive function issues a few years ago. Hates to read, or sit...
  10. Sarmandak

    Not sure where to start

    My son is 11. He was recently diagonised with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Mood Disorder-not otherwise specified and Conduct Disorder. He is also a heart patient. He was born with multiple heart defects and has had corrective surgery 4 times. The last surgery was when he was 5 and was a heart valve replacement. We started to notice huge...
  11. L

    difficult child 2 is now 'an emergency' says psychiatrist

    Hardly know where to start. psychiatrist apparently finally saw the whole big picture today! History: Abusive Biodad and difficult child 1. difficult child 2 was diagnosis'ed BiPolar (BP) at age 9 (not 'official on paper'but treatment for it anyway) due to behaviors and mood swings, also put on IEP for emotional lability and dysgraphia. Put...
  12. G

    Trying to help 13 yr old son with- ADHD/Bipolar/ Anger

    Hello everyone!! I am new to this process, but I would love some input on what I'm dealing with. I have a 13 yr old son who was diagnosed ADHD when he was 5, then at age 7 he was also diagnosed with Bi-Polar. Things were going ok till about age 9, he changed drasticallly. He was admitted into...
  13. M


    So now it's pretty obvious difficult child has cervical dystonia which goes to upper back/shoulders as well. We stopped Geodon, and he's back on 15mg Abilify and 2 mg of Benztropin. I think dystonia abated a bit after a week or two of this dose of Benztropin, but far from 0. Very correlated with him...
  14. N

    Uggh husband forgot to give difficult child medications last night

    and it was an awful night! Why do husband's forget to do that?! It's like forgetting to give a kid his PS..I was at work when he forgot. I usually give all medications for this reason.
  15. crazymama30

    And back to an ap

    So difficult child has been acting increasingly hypomanic, bordering on manic. He has the pressured speech (which is non stop), racing thoughts, impulsivity, and irritability. I hate to add an ap back in, but I can see it is needed. We are starting risperdal tomorrow. Just .25mg, but psychiatrist and I are...
  16. V

    New to the forum and looking for support/suggestions

    Just discovered you guys here today, and am grateful to have a place to talk with folks that are in similar situations. Our difficult child son is 16, going on 17, and has been under treatment for ADHD, ODD, bi-polar since age 4. We lived in rural areas for the first 7 yrs. after the initial diagnosis, so most of...
  17. M

    BiPolar (BP), Abilify, TD, TrueHope

    So psychiatrist looked at difficult child's tongue and thinks that the little movements he sees around the edges may be tardive dyskinesia from Ablfy. Anyone has seen anything of the sorts? When he's stressed, tired, manic he starts moving his tongue about checking out missing teeth etc. Says can't stop. And I...
  18. 2

    Help 2 boys with High-Functioning Autism (HFA), High IQ + Aggression

    I have three sons ages 6,3, and 8 months. Both the 6 and 3 year old have been diagnosed with autism. Both were hyperlexic at 12 months, however neither spoke until 3 in sentences. Both the 6 and 3 year old are on IEP's and have been formally diagnosed with autism. My 6 year old is very...
  19. KTMom91

    Change in medications

    Miss KT has been complaining recently of tics, so her doctor took her off the Risperdal two days ago. I think I'll be needing a helmet and flak jacket. Cleveland, here I come! Anything I should be watching for with this medication change?
  20. totoro

    K's psychiatrist Apt. Yesterday.

    Little update We are bumping up the Lamictal to 75mg and then if that goes smoothly up to 100mg. Keeping the Focalin where it is, she only takes it in the a.m. to get through the early part of the day. Who cares if she can't sit still or focus the rest of the day! LOL, JK We are actually...