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OK....after coming off a five day suspension just last week, my ds is once again suspended ( for one day). We just had our first IEP meeting yesterday, so we got the ball rolling on that ( which will include a functional behavioral plan). It seems he has the most trouble during recess- something will set him off. Anyway, during class, he got upset because he did not want do group work. He used his anger gauge and went to his quiet place. After 45 min, the teacher asked him to join the group and he refused. Here is where it becomes fuzzy (I havent talked to the asst principal yet). According to my son, his teacher called the front office and the asst principal AND the resource officer came to remove him from the classroom (in my opinion, this escalated the situation). My son did not want to go, and he kicked and punched ( just turned 7). My son said he was afraid. They got him to the office and called me ( couldnt get me). My husband was then called to pick him up. Thus, the one day suspension today. My husband and are concerned. We feel that having him forcefully removed like that was too much. It only made the situation worse. And to top it off, it happened so his other classmates could witness. I called and left a message and emailed the asst principal. Unfortunately, he called back twice ( while I was at therapy with my son). I will be talking to him tomorrow to convey our concerns. How would ya'll handle the situation? Sorry for typos in advance. :).

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I think it was handled completely wrong!!! They did escalate the situation. If he was not ready to return and do group work he should have been given another choice in my opinion. This stuff happens a lot with my difficult child. We are going thru the FBA right now. Just got the prelim report today. (Sigh)

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It's great that initially he went to his quiet place. Do they have a room that has all sorts of items that would help him to relax? We have a room at my school that has a small trampoline, a tent with lots of pillow and blankets, a swing, etc... that really help a lot of our kiddos.

I remember when difficult child would end up getting suspended for not wanting to take a break. When being forced out he would inevitably hit the teacher. Finally it happened so much that when it was time for his iep they called in the director of Special Education. She ended up basically telling them they didn't know how to deal with kids like ours and maybe the Special Education teacher needed more specific training.

In my classroom we rarely send have students removed. When we think they need to be out for being too disruptive we will often play tag team with one another (Special Education teacher, aide, or myself, sometimes a school psychologist). We will often try to get the student to want to go to the relaxation room or for a walk and talk. Only when a student is violent would they be removed and then to a quiet room (that actually hasn't happened in my classroom but we have a few kiddos coming up that have had to be removed).