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$1000.00 a day for partial hospital program difficult child II is supposed to attend over summer (and summer program is 9-2 not 9-3). Program informs me over the summer there's no academics and school will/does not pay. Neither will our insurance. So I am so upset right now because SW from hospital had written down the Board of Ed was paying party. So after 1 1/2 hours with in home therapist (paperwork and repeating difficult child II's life story all over again) I ask about CMO assistance and she had no idea about how to go about it. So I am on verge of tears. difficult child II did ok today, he was home with d/h. They went for a hike and saw a movie (I was surprised difficult child II sat through a movie). But he's still obsessing about going to a video game store. He was obsessing about that the day he was hospitilized! :crazy:

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I'm sorry. How frustrating! I wish I had some advice. I'm surprised the sw can't be of more help. I'm glad to hear difficult child had a good day. Saying a prayer all works out and sending some hugs your way. :angel:


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Call the social worker and ask her about what she wrote down and how she got that info. You also need to call your insurance companies mental health dept. Speak with a supervisor and explain what's going on. PM me and tell me what ins. co you have.


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This is NOT a good discharge plan. This just infuriates me. Studies show how vitally important it is to have a solid discharge plan and timely follow-up with therapy (within 1 week) after psychiatric hospital discharge and then stuff like this seems to happen and nobody cares!!!! And then people wonder why there are so many unstable children and adults in this country. ARG!

This is unacceptable. You should call your insurance company and if the first person you talk to says it is not covered, escallate to their supervisor...if they say it is not covered, escallate to THEIR supervisor. It is important that your son get proper mental health care and your insurance company needs to care.

Sorry...this makes me a little angry. I hope you get some results.

But, this is the exact situation that would have the several voices in my life chime in and insist I call DCF and request Voluntary DCF Services (which I still insist I am not ready to do yet).


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I am sooo sorry no one will pay for the program. What is the program saying now that the school board will not pay? Be careful not to send him until someone agrees to pay. The cost could be huge DEBT-against your family.

What will happen if he doesn't attend the program? Sending hugs


An awful predicament. Hope something works out.

So I am so upset right now because SW from hospital had written down the Board of Ed was paying party.

This tells me the SW lacks appropriate training in this area. The school district is only responsible for these type placements and payment thereof if difficult child's IEP Committee (of which you are a member if difficult child has an IEP)places him there. Getting sd IEP Committee Members to accept such a recommendation is difficult in most cases.


so I am told I need CMO coverage for difficult child II, and it will pay for anything insurance doesn't pay for in the realm of mental health care. Sounds great, but it can't be easy to get, of course not!

DYFS worker says he can only get CMO coverage for foster kids in the system or kids with cases and no insurance, and we have insurance (suckkee insurance - that is now maxed out for this year).

Then the in home therapist informs me she can reccomend CMO coverage for difficult child II if he has to be hospitilized "again" while she's his therapist. Value Options took 2 months to get her assigned to us, DYFS said we would have services within 30 days not 60! I had to cancel her 1st appointment last week because difficult child II was in hospital that day. So we missed our window by a week??? :confused:

My body is OD'ing on stress today, I have been sick as a dog, and d/h has not drank in 2 days and is nasty as anything and has no patience for anyone and difficult child II is still going on his tyraids every few hours or minutes, and I am feeling ever so frustrated!!! :crying:

Looks like I may be taking a family leave over the summer if I can't find something for difficult child II. And insult to injury my difficult child I (filling out more votech forms) asked my sister in law what my middle name is and she told him <span style="color: #FF0000">"Hildegard". </span>Can we say "my blood is boiling"??? :hypnosis:


oh yeah and in home therapist said I should have called mobile reponse to have him assessed prior to taking him to ER, and I told her I DID CALL THEM AND THE GUY ON CALL TOLD ME HE WAS AN HOUR AWAY AND HE WOULD NOT DEAL WITH VIOLENT BEHAVIOR AND TO CALL THE POLICE!!! I just feel like I can not win


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Oh hun!!!!!

I so wish you lived closer to me! I feel like you and I should go out one of these nights! LOL

::::big hugs::::


Hi, I live in NJ and know exactly how you feel,Value Options is awful. My insurance paid for whatever the max was and then I got medicaid to pay for any hospital stay that wasn't covered. I was getting calls from the hospital. that my insurance wouldn't cover any more and(after barely 5 days)that I was being billed $1500.00 a day. I told them to bill me(at that point it was already over $45,000.00)because I wasn't bringing my son home. I got emergency medicaid and it was retroactive. As far as partial hospital. I would think medicaid would deal with it. Also, I have used mobile crisis many times, their response time is an hour and if the child is violent they can't help anyway, you must call the police and have him brought for a screening. Don't let them bully you, DYFS has to get you emergency medicaid, just don't pay the bill, eventually it will be straightened out. Anyway, if your child gets out of control, you will have to seek emergency measures and someone will pay for it.
Good luck