12 hours in the ER, difficult child II is away



12 hours in The ER and difficult child II is now hopsitilizied. I took difficult child II to ER at 1PM (my sister who has a masters in social work -spent over 6 hours with us). difficult child II was transported to facility at 1am, my husband and I got home by 3AM, now difficult child II is over a 1/2 an hour away and I am feeling insecure. Visititation is only twice a week, today and Wed. I cried all the way home. I just feel like how can this be the answer? I don't trust others easily (I was stalked by someone who then tried to assault me in my home in 2001 with a weapon, but long story short he did go to jail and he did die of cancer) But now my baby is in a strange place with strangers, I am trying to have faith but this will be a long week. I hope I made the right decision, d/h thinks I need to get a grip............... sniff................


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Oh sweetie, I'm so very sorry. :::hugs:::

I, too, have wrestled with the "is this the right thing" feelings this week as my difficult child sits in the psychiatric hospital 1/2 hr away too. For some reason I miss him terribly this week.

You just have to remember that difficult child wasn't stable or safe at home and no matter how much you love him you can't make him more stable or safe. You made the right decision.