17 year old son on K2

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    Hi- 17 year old son, dropped out first month of high school. Now hooked on K-2 and those packages of whatever they are: called Mr nice guy and Green window, etc. Even does it in his room. I am afraid because he's so violent when high. He does it everyday. He will wake up any time of day or night and immediately head out the door down the street to get high with kids 2 to 19 yrs old. He coughs terribly and has severe bowel problems. They sell it for five and ten dollars at Mobile stations and convenient stores here in Brandon, Florida. He steals whatever he can. Everyone I call says they cannot help because it's considered Marijuana. SOooooo not true. Help.
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    Is it illegal where you are?

    Where does he steal from? Have you locked up anything of value?

    Does he work?

    Does he have access to a car? Any cash from you? A cell? Computer, etc.? I'd stop any flow of cash or anything he could convert into cash. Take the car, the cell, etc.

    Your property....YOUR rules.

    If he won't go to school, then he needs a full time job. If he hasn't got one, then looking for one is his job. I'd literally lock him out of the house when I left in the morning. Drop him in some central location so he can look for work.

    If I seem harsh....maybe it is because I know two families who have buried thir sons because of this stuff and one more who came very very close.

    Encouraging you to get support...al-anon, families anonymous, etc. That's literally what has kept me sane.

    Keep posting....others will be along soon!
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    If he is becoming violent in your home, call the police. You maybe reluctant because going to jail could ruin his life. It might be what saves his life. I would think the police would want to stop this activity. They made this stuff illegal in Texas.

    He is 19. He does not have to live in your house.
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    Hi and welcome! My difficult child's drug of choice is/was crystal meth. We went through sheer Hades here with her for many years. Probation, running away, police here all of the time. It was awful. Rehab won't take them - even as teens, if they do not want to be there. I felt so helpless. Then she was supposedly clean, wanted to come back home for Christmas, we relented and things were great for about a month. Then while she was out finishing her community service one day, I was pulling an outfit for her to wear to an interview I had arranged for her, I found a meth pipe laden in meth. I then told her that her options were rehab or out on her own. She could not live here until she had went through a treament program. She was 17 at the time. She chose to be on her own. She has been living a life that only my nightmares could have dreamed up. It has been over a year and a half. She is still couch surfing. Recently, she posted on Facebook that she was sick of living her life this way and had enough and had decided to get clean. I have seen her recently and have seen positive signs that she is for real this time, but I refuse to get my hopes up...

    My point is, there really isn't anything you can do except give them the option for help when they decide to take it. Only they can make the decision to get clean. You need to protect you and your surroundings...it is the one thing you DO have control over. I can tell you this, as long as they have a nice comfy home and all their needs being met, they have NO reason to get clean. I am 100% positive that if I had allowed my daughter to keep living here she would be dead now. The only reason she contemplated getting clean (of course, I don't know for sure if she is, but the fact that she admits to her disease and makes claims or attempts to get clean is a step in the right direction), is because she has nothing. Nothing. She stays in motels if she is lucky enough to get her boyfriend to pay for them when they are not fighting. She has lived so miserably that I think it is finally starting to get to her. It is the ONLY thing that has made any difference as sad as that is.

    Please seek out a support group - it really helps to know that 1, you are not alone and 2, confirmation that going against every natural instinct to coddle and protect is actually the best thing you can do for your addict.

    And please keep coming back - this is a really, really awesome support group for us parents!!
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    Hi. I'm new here as well. My 17 yr old was smoking, smoking pot, stealing, drinking and lying. I've heard about the K2 and know people who have used it, it's a terrible "drug".
    I saw that you live in Florida, as I do, and wondered if you have ever heard of Florida Youth Challenge Academy? I had looked and looked everywhere for something I could afford for my son. Military school, boarding schools, boot camps, and youth ranches trying to find some where he could get some help. It almost seems as if fate stepped in and brought me in contact with a lady at tire kingdom getting her tires fixed the same day I was. She told me about her daughter. In and out of rehab, arrested, dropped out of school, stealing cars and wrecking them..I felt so bad for her. I don't know if you would be able to do this with your son, but I feel I have to pass on this information as it was passed on to me.
    Google - Florida Youth Challenge Academy.
    Download the parent handbook after you've had a chance to look over the site.
    There is tons of information in both places.
    The program only costs you $150.00. Hopefully my son will be going there in January with the next class. Maybe this is just what your looking for too?

    Sending strength and good wishes your way!